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Indian cricket team sends a thank you letter to Gurmehar Kaur for taking away the limelight from the Pune defeat

The debate over Gurmehar Kaur has become so confusing and vitiated that at this point, taking a position is akin to putting the head under a virtual guillotine.

Gurmehar Kaur comes to the rescue of the Indian cricket team
Gurmehar Kaur comes to the rescue of the Indian cricket team

Black and white boxes have emerged and in the kangaroo courts of media, you are either a ‘troll who bullies a martyr’s daughter and justifies rape and death threats’ or a ‘liberal’. There is little room for measured arguments, littler still for nuance and absolutely none for contrarian views.

But the controversy has come at the right time for the Indian Cricket team. The limelight from the crushing defeat in Pune has shifted totally to a different place all together. Never before has it happened that an Indian team’s loss has been not written much about and dragged under the carpet by the footage hungry media.

Virat Khli has written a personal letter of appreciation to Gurmehar for helping the Indian team in maintaining its dignity. Contrary to the populist view, Indian team thinks that Gurmehar is the real Nationalist who came out in support of team India.