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Kohli: We dint play Ashwin as he is the only engineer in our squad and could calculate Duckworth-Lewis in the dressing room

Ravichandran Ashwin has been responsible for spearheading India’s bowling for nearly a year now, especially during the home Test season. The ace off-spinner had been a revelation for the Indians in the previous edition of the Champions Trophy, and he will certainly look to continue his talismanic touch in the tournament this year as well. But he was not picked for the first match against Pakistan and it has led to lot of speculations.



Finally Virat Kohli clarified the matter in his post match interview. According to Virat, “Ash is the only engineer in our squad, and we wanted to use his strength , i.e engineering for the benefit of the team. Against Pakistan we were not only battling a team of 11 members but also the system of duckworth-lewis. The only person eligible to crack it is Ashwin and so we kept him inside the dressing room. He used to calculate the runs required by Pakistan after every over, and that made our task simpler.”

ICC : two bowlers can bowl at the same time to Kohli

Virat Kohli is the ultimate batsman in the world when it comes to chasing a big target. His consistency and the method to his batsmanship are unprecedented. In the first ODI against England in Pune on Sunday, his first match as full-time captain across all formats, Kohli put on an exhibition as he slammed yet another century in a huge chase

virat kohli

But the bowling fraternity is rather angry. They need some cover to duck into and not be embarrassed bowling to the greatest batsman of our generation. ICC has indeed listened to the agony and has come up with a new law in cricket. According to this law two bowlers of any opposition team can bowl at the same time to Kohli and Kohli can be given out to any of the two balls.

Now it is up to Kohli to show us how he will face this new law and how he will come out of it and blast all the bowlers. The law, though very harsh was indeed required to put a lid on the masterclass Kohli shows every now and then.