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Bihari man caught traveling in toilet, even though he was having confirm ticket

Indian railway is the lifeline of major population across the country. lacs and crores of people take the train on a daily basis. But getting a confirmed ticket is still out of the reach for many. In fact very few get it. Some through agents, some by standing in long queues outside the ticket counters.

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But the case is different in Bihar. Most of the trains are full upto the brim and people do have to travel inside toilets and near the doors. In fact there is a craze among people to find the toilet seat on a first-cum-first-serve basis.

Travelling in toilets is a matter of pride in some parts of India. Government is even mulling over the idea to charge a premium from people getting an opportunity to travel inside the toilets. Recently our journalist came to know of a scenario where a person who was having a confirmed ticket was travelling inside the toilet. People had to forcefully take him out of the toilet and transfer him to his seat.

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