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Woman who was using online grocery service for first time sues the company for not providing a bargaining option

Mumbai: Online grocery shopping is a major hit among the urban ladies. But it is still a unchartered territory for many new housewives who are new to the city. For them the ‘bargaining’ experience at a local outlet or a street vendor is much more satisfying then the pick and add to cart without bargaining methods provided by online grocers.


In a similar incident Sneha Srivastava from Mumbai has sued a major online grocer, namely, small basket.com for not providing the bargaining experience which she was craving for ever since she entered the city few days back. Sneha shops herself for all the household needs and somedays back was introduced to the online medium by one of her friend. She found the medium interesting and started placing her order.

She was shocked to not see any bargain button on the website and she even called the customer care to know whether it was a technical glitch. Finally as a last resort, she has filed a case against the online grocer and the PIL is under observation of the magistrate.