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Mumbai guy adds ‘training people’ to his skillsets on CV, as his calls to customer care were recorded for training purposes

Competition in the job market is at an all-time high with candidates trying to acquire new skill sets to impress the recruiters. The number and types of certifications has also increased to cater to different types of industries.

Customer care

But major surprise was revealed in Mumbai when a guy updated his CV with a skill set known as ‘training employees’. On being asked in his interview about describing the skill set, he revealed that all his calls to the customer care were used for training and development purposes by the respective companies. This way he has trained many employees indirectly in many industries right from mobile, consumer electronics to automobiles.

We are talking about Siddharth Singh, who has been jobless since last 2 years, and to get a new job he has been looking to upgrade his skill sets every now and then but everything has gone for a toss. It was only recently that while speaking to a mobile operator customer executive on phone, he realized that his call was recorded for training purpose. And he decided to add the skill set on his CV.

Taking cue from Siddhu, as he is called in his friend circle, many are upgrading their skill set and are hoping interviewers will take note of their new skill