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Tejashvi Yadav gives a full speech on intolerance when asked about Demonetization

Education gives you the power to reach unparalleled heights. But not in Bihar. Tejashvi yadav, the son of Mr. lalu Prasad Yadav is the deputy chief minister, even though he has only studied up to 12th standard.

tejashvi yadav in a catch 22 situation
tejashvi yadav in a catch 22 situation


Tejashvi Yadav was very vocal about growing intolerance in the country and had learnt the word ‘intolerance’ in some 13 days. But once he learned it, he has not stopped using it at different press conferences and meetings.

He is very fond of the word, so recently when he was asked about demonetization, he thought it is the synonym of intolerance so he went on and on talking about growing intolerance. His speech went on for 50 minutes and even people in Bihar thought demonetization is equal to intolerance.

It was only later when a media person explained him about the difference, that Tejashvi promised to learn about the new word and return back in 7-8 days.