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Modi government makes new rule; ‘Jai Shri Ram ‘ to replace ‘Regards’ in official mails

BJP on Wednesday asserted that nothing political should be read in Prime Minister Narendra Modi greeting people on Dussehra with the name of Lord Ram, who is a venerable figure for Indians.


jai shri Ram to replace ' Regards'
jai shri Ram to replace ‘ Regards’

Its comments came after some opposition parties took a dig at Modi over his saying “Jai Shri Ram, Jai Jai Shri Ram” from a Ramlila stage in Lucknow  as the greeting is loaded with political symbolism linked to Ram temple issue

But PM Modi has not taken a step back. In fact his government is taking a step further. Government has made a new rule for the corporate world. All official mails should have ‘Jai Shri Ram’ in the signature instead of conventional phrases like ‘Regards’, ‘Thanks and Regards’ etc.

Although the decision can back fire, government is sure that this step is not against religious harmony. In fact, people will become more spiritual and think twice before drafting any unethical mail due to the presence of God’s name.

The rule will be implemented in phases and Delhi will be the first state to implement it. Minority communities are against the decision and will contest it in High Court. But while doing so they have to first send a mail to the High court judge with the signature including ‘jai shri Ram’.