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Interior designers of Jodhpur jail unhappy as they had decorated the jail for Salman’s stay

Hindi actor Salman Khan was on Wednesday acquitted in a case registered against him under the Arms Act in Jodhpur in 1998 along with the cases of poaching of chinkaras and black bucks, when he was shooting for Hindi film Hum Saath Saath Hain

Salman Khan

But the jail authorities are not happy. They had hired special interior designers to decorate the jail for ‘Bhai’s’ stay, but now that bhai is acquitted, the money spent on decorations will be a waste. Many electronic appliances were also ordered for bhai’s stay to be comfortable. T.V, Fridge, A.C, Gaming station and much more.

The jail authorities have requested Salman to at least visit the jail for 2-3 days and give them the opportunity to provide good hospitality and food. Salman has promised that soon he will try to commit another crime and try to spend 2-3 days in Jodhpur Jail. Well, now its up to the judiciary to decide whether they give Salman this chance or not.