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Kanpur youth stands in wrong queue for 2 hours; the queue was for people buying Gutkha

With so many people exchanging notes and crowding outside ATMs, its difficult to judge which queue is for what purpose. Already there were umpteen queues in our country and the recent decision of the government has increased the number of queues many fold.

Gutkha queues are as long as the ATM queues
Gutkha queues are as long as the ATM queues


A strange incident happened in Kanpur. A guy named Sanil who was in his early 30s was standing in a queue for 2 hours to exchange his old notes, only to found out later that that queue was for people buying Gutkha at a pan wala counter.

Sanil wasted his precious 2 hours and felt really helpless, but then he bought Gutkha and relaxed his mind. many similar incidents are happening across U.P and Bihar where you have regular queues at the pan counters, and people are standing in those queues thinking that the counters are for dispensing money which they require urgently.

Government should have clear cut sign boards made out to help public in this distress.Otherwise people will keep on wasting time in the wrong queue.