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Kiran Rao makes butter chicken only after Aamir reads the recipe 2-3 times and gives suggestions

With his 2008 action romance film Ghajini, actor Aamir Khan established two trends in the industry — innovative promotional campaigns and transformation of one’s body to fit into the skin of the character, quite literally

Aamir at his best
Aamir at his best


Now the makers of his next Nitesh Tiwari’s Dangal have released a Fat to Fit video that traces Khan’s transformation from a stout 97 kg man to a fit man flaunting six packs. However, this time Aamir invested double the efforts for a film as his biopic on wrestler Mahavir Phogat travels from his younger days as a formidable wrestler to his older days as the aged father of two teenagers

But the levels of his perfection have reached newer heights. Recently it came to light that Kiran Rao got a taste of Aamir’s perfection in an unexpected way. She was making butter chicken for her husband. But Aamir kept on reading the recipe just like a movie script and gave so many suggestions that it took Kiran 5 days to make the butter chicken.