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Steve Smith’s girl friend proposes him, Smith looks at dressing room for confirmation

Australia skipper Steve Smith was seen looking up to his side’s dressing room when pondering whether to ask for a review after he was given out lbw.

Smith relying on the dressing room for all life decisions
Smith relying on the dressing room for all life decisions

India captain Virat Kohli said Smith had “crossed the line”.

The International Cricket Council confirmed no action would be taken against either captain.

Sutherland said of Smith: “We have every faith there was no ill-intent in his actions. Steve’s an outstanding person.”

Smith, 27, admitted his error and described it as “a bit of brain-fade”.

But the matter went too far recently when Smith’s girl friend asked him to marry her. Smith was bit confused and looked at the dressing room for help from his colleagues.

His girl friend dint take it too well and accused Smith of not playing within the spirit of the relationship game just like Kohli accused him of not playing within the spirit of cricket.

Indian cricket team sends a thank you letter to Gurmehar Kaur for taking away the limelight from the Pune defeat

The debate over Gurmehar Kaur has become so confusing and vitiated that at this point, taking a position is akin to putting the head under a virtual guillotine.

Gurmehar Kaur comes to the rescue of the Indian cricket team
Gurmehar Kaur comes to the rescue of the Indian cricket team

Black and white boxes have emerged and in the kangaroo courts of media, you are either a ‘troll who bullies a martyr’s daughter and justifies rape and death threats’ or a ‘liberal’. There is little room for measured arguments, littler still for nuance and absolutely none for contrarian views.

But the controversy has come at the right time for the Indian Cricket team. The limelight from the crushing defeat in Pune has shifted totally to a different place all together. Never before has it happened that an Indian team’s loss has been not written much about and dragged under the carpet by the footage hungry media.

Virat Khli has written a personal letter of appreciation to Gurmehar for helping the Indian team in maintaining its dignity. Contrary to the populist view, Indian team thinks that Gurmehar is the real Nationalist who came out in support of team India.

Pune pitch curator: Ground had to be used for wedding receptions; so match had to be finished in 3 days

With 24 wickets falling in two days, the rank turner on offer at the Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium in Pune has led to questions being raised about the three curators in charge of preparing the pitch

Pune pitch under the scanner
Pune pitch under the scanner

Two days before the Test started, Salgaoncar had announced that “ball will fly”, a theory that was rubbished by rival captain Steve Smith, who said that “ball will turn from Day 1”

Salgaoncar also added that there was pressure on them to prepare a pitch which would last only 3 days as the stadium had to be used for organizing wedding receptions during the ongoing wedding season.

Pune stadium has seen lot many wedding receptions this season and earnings from receptions is lot more than hosting a test match as crowds during the match was quiet feeble and not in large numbers.

In fact all the upcoming test matches at other cities will also be finished in 3 days for the stadiums to cater to a large number of weddings and other functions.

Modi wishes Kohli on 200; Congress: Sachin also scored 200 during UPA, we never did chest thumping

The BJP vs Congress debate is taking some ugly turn. After the recent ‘Khoon ki dalali’ comment by the Gandhi Scion, BJP has been targeting the Congress at every possible opportunity. Congress is also not far behind in this tussle for cheap publicity.


Modi is facing the brunt for praising Kohli
Modi is facing the brunt for praising Kohli


Recently Kohli score his first 200 on Indian soil. PM Modi was quick to praise him on twitter which he often does. This dint go well with the Congress leadership. They thought that BJP government is taking the credit for Kohli’s 200.

Kail Sibbal was very quick in calling a press conference and pointing out that even the great Sachin Tendulkar scored a century during the time of UPA government but Manmohan Singh never wished him.

Mannohan Singh dint take political advantage of the situation. Congress has urged Modi to keep quiet for 2 years and not praise anyone otherwise congress will again suffer in 2019, just like they did in 2014.

PM Modi was quick to respond and twitted that in the future he will not wish any cricketers for that matter any sportsperson. Congress has welcomed this gesture, but it has to be seen if it benefits them in the long run.