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‘Firauti Gangs’ will not be eligible for Bihar start-up funds: Nitish Kumar

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Tuesday released Bihar StartUp Policy 2017 and allocated Rs. 500 Crs for the startup fund. Even before the curious members attending the seminar raised any questions,

Nitish made it clear that Kidnapping gangs will not be considered as startups.


Even though Bihar Govt. has proactively taken steps to promote entrepreneurship, the only industry still providing guaranteed return on investments is the kidnapping industry. Every day new gangs come up in the industry and try to capture the market share from the existing Kidnappers. They have always being vocal in asking the govt to do something for budding kidnappers. Kidnapping gangs employ thousands of unemployed youth in Bihar and if it has to be run professionally government should provide them incentives.

Our Faking News reporter spoke to Mr. Siddharth Singh who recently launched his online kidnapping app named ‘KYT (kidnap your target)’, and he had this to say,” Our operating costs are increasing day by day, as customers who want us to kidnap someone have long payment cycles, but we have to pay salary to our workers(kidnappers). If government will not think about us, the industry will collapse. All we want is some interest free loan, and cooperation from the local police, to run our business profitably”

But Nitish Kumar is not the one to give in to such demands. He has made it absolutely clear that any Kidnapper approaching the government for help will be kidnapped arrested  by the police. He also said that Bihar government would welcome any anti-kidnapping startups which will help people live safely in Bihar and at the same time will give a tough time to the Kidnapping industry.

Well, it has to be seen how the 500 Crs is going to be used up and which startups are going to use it, but one things for sure Bihar government has given a tight slap on the face of the kidnapping industry