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Piyush Goyal: We are providing LEDs at ‘low cost’ so that you can check the quality of the ‘costly’ pulses even at night

Union Power Minister Piyush Goyal who is currently in London launched the Ujala Scheme related to the energy efficient LED bulbs on Saturday evening, reported news agency ANI. At the event, Goyal asked everyone to be a part of this revolution in energy efficiency. “All should become ambassadors of this revolution on energy efficiency become evangelists who will take this message far & wide,” he was quoted as saying by the agency.


But according to Piyush, the main advantage of the LED bulbs would be that people would be easily able to check the quality of pulses they are eating at night. People nowadays are complaining about the rising prices of the pulses and it would make sense for the government to provide good quality, if at all they are charging a premium

Piyush also added that the government will provide free LEDs at a later stage and the price will be recovered by making petrol and diesel more costly for the common man. Piyush also quoted Newton and said that ‘ Total cost is always constant, cost is just transferred from one place to another’.