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LK Advani stands in an ATM queue thinking that people are waiting there to become PM

Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh termed in the Rajya Sabha on Thursday the demonetization of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes an “organised loot and legalized plunder.”

LK Advani, the latest victim of demonetization
‘LK Advani, the latest victim of demonetization’


And that blunder has not only impacted common people but also man of honor and position like Mr. LK Advani. Advani ji is the eternal wait list candidate for the post of PM ever since BJP won the elections in 1999.

He was many times projected as the Party’s face for the PM post but always lost to someone or the other, most recent being Narendra Modi. But what happened yesterday was shocking.

Advani ji stood in a ATM queue thinking that people there are waiting for their chance to become PM. It was only when Advaniji reached the ATM machine, that he realised the queue was for withdrawing money.

Demonetization has not only hit the common man hard but even intellectual leaders like Advaniji are falling prey to Modiji’s fight against black money