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Non-Drinkers have started buying alcohol to get change of Rs. 2000

The demonetization initiative of the Modi government has turned many Non-drinkers in to drinkers. The only place where you get change for the new Rs 2000 note is at an alcohol counter.

Alcohol sale on a rise after the demonitization iniatiative
Alcohol sale on a rise after the demonitization iniatiative


Most people who were lucky to lay hands on the new currency were finding it tough to get change to use it for other purposes. But then a brilliant idea just stuck them and everyone queued the lines at alcohol shops across the country.

The sale of alcohol has increased many fold after the Modi government initiative and people are turning up to alcohol to literally get out of the current mess. This is the perfect time for Vijay Mallya to sell as many bottles of KingFisher which can make him clear his long standing dues with the SBI. Banks are also offering alcohol purchasing loan and today itself I got a call from HDFC bank regarding the same.

For people who still don’t have any ideas to get change for their new currency, please visit your nearest alcohol counter and help yourself. Spread this message and save people from the chaos.