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IITs to be named Indian Institute of Trolls as most pass outs making career in stand up comedy

IITs have been the brand name associated with creating engineering talent in India. But nowadays most IIT pass outs are making careers in stand up comedy and web based humor channels. Seldom do we hear about an IIT pass out creating a path breaking technological creation.

IITs to get a new name
IITs to get a new name



Most of the famous stand up comedians including Kejriwal and Manohar Parrikar are IIT products. Chetan Bhagat created a parallel stream of writing for IIT students to pursue and now many more are taking that path to success. So much so that, IIT board has decided to include a joke writing section in their entrance exam question paper.

Students with good sense of humor and a bad sense of writing will have it easy in getting an admission in IIT. Students in 10th and 12th standards are taking up joke making classes to clear IIT entrances.

Joke making industry is flourishing just the way coaching classes did some years back. Kota which was the machine that produced IIT ready students is imparting joke making classes also.

Even the government has announced that IIT will be renamed as Indian Institute of Trolls as most of its students are busy making trolls and memes. Well, being an IITian carried a lot of pride and it is sure to continue in future.