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Bihari puts his glass on table when HR said company will provide you a ‘Quarter’

We go through some amazing experiences, while on a job interview.  But recently what happened in an interview at a MNC will shock you. The HR lady had to go through a high level of embarrassment after interviewing a Bihari guy for a vacant post.


Everything was going fine and Sunderdas had answered all questions to the best of his abilities. He was confident and well articulated in his answering. The HR lady was also impresses by his profile and was willing to select him for the position. Then came the hammer blow. On being told that company will provide a ‘quarter’ to stay for his family, the guy thought something else and put his emply glass on the table.

The lady was shocked to see such behavior and called for  security, which ultimately threw the person out. Sunder das has lodged a complaint against the company for their inhuman treatment. Even the police is sympathizing with Sunder as they also know the actual meaning of ‘Quarter’