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Karan Johar wins; reports suggest the 5 Cr given by him to army fund were used by army families to buy ADHM tickets

‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’, that features Pakistani actor Fawad Khan, ran into trouble after Raj Thackeray-led Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) said it won’t allow release of any movie in India that featured Pakistani artistes.

ADHM and Karan Johar are the actual winners
‘ADHM and Karan Johar are the actual winners’


MNS ended their protest against Ae Dil Hai Mushkil and Raees on Saturday morning after a closed-door meeting between party supremo Raj Thackeray, Maharashtra chief minister Devendra Fadnavis, Karan Johar, Mukesh Bhatt and others.

“Every producer who has cast a Pakistani actor must contribute Rs 5 crore to the Army welfare fund,” MNS chief Raj Thackeray said after the meeting.

But Karan is ultimately the winner. Our secret reporter conducted a survey to find out how were the 5 Cr Rs used by the families of the army men. It is found that most of them have done advance booking of ADHM shows in their respective cities. This way the money spent by Karan will come back to Karan.

This is a smart way to buy nationalism. Raj Thackery even got free tickets for the movie as a reward for suggesting such a formula to Karan. Well, if the movie was worth spending that much of money on or not is still subject to reviews at the end of the day.

But as usual, Karan Johar is a winner.


After demanding 5 Crs from karan Johar, Raj Thackeray becomes the highest paid actor in a negative role

So, Mr Raj Thackeray has given his “consent” for the release of Ae Dil hai Mushkil. All he has “requested” for is that each producer of the filmmakers’ guild contribute a few crores to the armed forces fund – and reportedly “some” share of the profit.

Raj Thackeray is the new actor in town
Raj Thackeray is the new actor in town


It seems to have come as a breath of respite for the entire film industry. They are happy that finally, Mr Thackeray will “allow” their movies to be screened in public places like cinema halls without any danger to human life.

But by doing so, he has created history. He becomes the highest paid actor in a negative role for a bollywood movie. Previously the record was held by John Abraham in Dhoom. Normally a supporting actor doesn’t charge that amount, but Raj is known to be an excellent actor.

He has the following of goons in Maharashtra, and all his negative acting comes very naturally to him. Be it the stand against North Indians, or fighting the central government in banning Pakistani actors, Raj has been vocal about his demands just like a negative character in a movie. This type of acting skills do deserve the money Karan Johar is paying him.

We are eagerly waiting for Raj Thakeray’s  next movie.




Abhishek Bachchan offers 10 Crs to Raj Thackeray to again start protesting against ADHM

Mumbai : MNS had banned the release of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil in the aftermath of Uri attack as it starred Pakistani actor Fawad Khan.

Abhishek Bachchan is not happy with some scenes
‘Abhishek Bachchan is not happy with some scenes’


Yesterday, Thackeray said the ban has been lifted as Producers Guild has agreed not to work with Pakistani actors and filmmakers who have cast Pakistani actors have agreed to donate Rs 5 crore to army welfare fund.

But Abhishek Bachchan is not happy with the proceedings as there are many hot scenes between Aish and Ranbir in ADHM. Abhishek wants to ban the movie anyhow and wants Raj Thackeray’s help for the same.

According to our reporter Mr. Sidharth Singh, Abhishek has offered Rs. 10 Crs to Raj Thackeray to again start the protests against ADHM’s release. This offer seems lucrative as in the previous offer from the producers, MNS wont have got any share of the money.

But the surprising fact is that, Abhishek has 10 Crs with him, as he has not done any major solo roles in the last 5 years. There are rumors that Senior Bachchan has given that money  to Junior AB to somehow stop the screening of the movie.

It is to be seen as to what stand does Mr. Raj Thackeray and his party take regarding the issue. But seems like Karan Johar’s movie is getting all the attention.




MNS now wants to ban actors with foreign names; Dino Morea says he’s not an actor

With government pressure on isolating Pakistani artists and not giving them work in India, producers are vary of artists who have foreign nationality and even foreign names in some cases. They don’t want to take any undue risks.

MNS, which is at the forefront of the latest swadeshi movement wants to boycott everything that originates from a foreign land, even names.

Dino Morea is scared of the MNS workers
‘Dino Morea is scared of the MNS workers’

and it goes without saying that he is an Indian. But even he is scared of the latest happenings and has issued a statement saying that he is not an actor, he is just doing time pass in the industry. He also listed out all his flop movies for proof of the fact that he is actually not a actor.

  1. Pyaar Impossible
  2. Acid Fatory
  3. Heroes
  4. Kabhi Bhi Kahin Bhi

These are some of his movies which obviously no one knows about, there is a long list to share but that data would also be redundant. We should at least give full marks to Dino for his honesty.

Actors should Fardeen, Tushar and Zayed should learn something from Dino. It is still to be seen whether MNS workers will accept this proof and stop bothering the actor, oh sorry I mean the non-actor in this case.