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Tesla CEO assures PM Modi that the driverless car in India will have robotic hand to offer bribe in case of signal jump

In focus during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the U.S. was his establishment of a personal equation with U.S. President Donald Trump. The result seems to be positive with Mr. Modi saying there was a perfect meeting of minds between the two. There were several other, crucial outcomes of the three-day trip, one of them is when he met the top CEOs. His meeting with the Tesla CEO was the most fruitful.


Ever since Tesla had come up with the idea of driverless car, Indians were worried about who will pay the bribe in case of any traffic rule violations. It was a major worry of thousands of traffic personnel, policemen and also the politicians who also earn from such bribes indirectly. Even the common man was a worried lot as paying a small bribe is comfortable for him compared to paying the full penalty when the challan reaches his/her home.

But Elon Musk’s assurance to PM Modi has brought relief to India. Musk has assured Modi that all his driverless cars sold in India will be fitted with robotic hand which will offer bribe after any traffic violations. The money will be stored inside a cabinet in the car, and the hand will be programmed to take out money in accordance with the bribe applicable in that area. In case the hand detects any honest officer, it will just shake hands with the officer instead of handing out cash. Musk though requires some help from the PM to implement this project. He wants India to share photos of honest traffic men to program them into the system, so thet the robotic hand doesn’t pay bribes to such officers.

PM Modi has assured the country that the government will see to it that Tesla Motors fulfills the promise and no Indian is amplacted in a negative way with the launchg of the driverless vehicle.

Arun Jaitley: we have completed 40 meetings on fixing the GST rates, in next meeting we will decide if India requires GST

Weeks before India ushers in the Goods and Services Tax or GST regime – billed as the biggest tax reform to create a uniform market in India – the powerful GST council cut tax rates for 66 items. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley announced the revised GST rates on Sunday.


“A total of 133 representations were made to lower taxes for different categories of goods and commodities. The council has lowered the tax rates for 66 items,” Mr Jaitley told the media after the 16th meeting of the GST council that includes all the state finance ministers.

Arun Jaitley confirmed that he has conducted 40 meetings with all state finance ministers to fix the rate of different commodities. Now that the major meetings are over, next week we have a meeting where we will decide whether GST is required or not. That will be a minor question. If my colleagues at state level believe that GST is not required then we will not implement it, but if they believe that it is required than other 30 meetings are planned for the next 6 months. Once all the meetings are over, we will conduct one more meeting to discuss about what was discussed in the previous meetings.

Prime minister’s residence to be put up on OYO rooms as PM spends most time in road shows

Prime Minister Narendra Modi celebrated the BJP’s victory in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand at the party headquarters in New Delhi. Following the celebrations, Mr Modi attended a meeting of the BJP’s parliamentary board. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had carried out two road shows in his Lok Sabha constituency of Varanasi as part of his election campaign in Uttar Pradesh, a week ago.

Modi's residence will be a hit among travellers
Modi’s residence will be a hit among travellers

Yesterday, BJP president Amit Shah said that the party’s parliamentary board members will meet at their 22, Ashoka Road headquarters to select chief ministers for Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. The party will also analyse the political scenario in Goa and Manipur and accordingly, formulate a strategy for government formation

It is evident that PM Modi spends very less time in his official abode. This has led to speculations that his residence might be put up on OYO rooms to generate extra income for the government. The prime minister’s residence will surely be listed at a premium and there will be multi millionaires who would like to have a feel of staying in the most secure residence of India.



Air India in deep losses as Modi din’t visit a single country in last 2 months

After assuming office in June 2014, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has visited several countries in a bid to hard sell his government’s ‘Make In India’ campaign and to boost bilateral relations

Modi has ditched Air India
Modi has ditched Air India

In the span of last one year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has visited 18 countries, a majority of which were official state visits and spent close to 55 days abroad.


His first foreign destination was the neighbouring Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan, which has remained one of India’s closest allies for decades. His last foreign visit was to South Korea. Some of his important foreign visits include the United States of America, Japan, China, Germany and Sri Lanka. Nepal remains the only country that PM Modi has visited twice

Air India has been the biggest beneficiary in Modi’s endeavors. But Modi has ditched them in last 2 months as he has not visited a single country. This due to the election season in India where he has to travel daily for different meets and rallies. Air India has accounted for major losses in these two months and now want to enter the helicopter business as Modi is using helicopters for his election travels.


Justin Bieber’s India Concert Tickets Cost Up To 76000 INR, RBI to set withdrawal limit to 100 Rs to save youth

I get, that concerts, especially the ones with international caliber, are expensive. And all of the times the management companies need to at least break even with costs when they’re getting international artists down to India.

Justin Bieber is a huge hit among Indian youth
Justin Bieber is a huge hit among Indian youth

Last year, when Coldplay came to India, the internet went up in a loud roar when the ticket prices were announced to be 25,000INR. That, some would still justify, and a lot of the audiences got the chance of experiencing the band for free; courtesy of the Global Citizen.

But 76,000 INR, are you kidding me? Thats not even the monthly income of most of the households in India. RBI has taken a strong step in curbing this nuance. According to the latest guidelines, RBI has set the withdrawal limit from ATM to 100 INR per day so that the youth cannot conjure up to 76000 to pay for the concert. Parents and teachers have welcomed this move and have promised to support RBI after a long time.

Some children are filthy rich though, they are paying through online mediums. RBI will have to again pull up its socks to look into various ways the youth is exploring to be a part of the concert.


Election commission shifts the BMC polling counters to U.P to increase voting percentage

A total of 61.16 percent voter turnout was recorded as voting ended in the third phase of the ongoing assembly polls in Uttar Pradesh on Sunday.

Till 3 p.m., the turnout was estimated to be 53 percent.

Kanpur: Voters queue up to caste their votes during the third phase of UP assembly election in Kanpur on Sunday. PTI Photo(PTI2_19_2017_000156B)
Kanpur: Voters queue up to caste their votes during the third phase of UP assembly election in Kanpur on Sunday. PTI Photo(PTI2_19_2017_000156B)

With over 826 candidates from 105 political parties contesting for 69 seats, polling began on Sunday morning for the crucial third phase of the Uttar Pradesh Assembly Elections

But the story is different in Mumbai for the BMC elections, onlt 31 % voting was recorded for the region for which the BMC elections are very important in providing basic necessities in a governed manner. Mumbai has always registered such mediocre numbers, and it makes us wonder if people have lost faith in elections.

The election commission of India has come with an innovative idea to increase the voting percentage. They want to utilize the U.P election enthusiasm among people in U.P to increase the voting percentage for BMC elections. For this, all BMC polling counters will be shifted to U.P for a day as people in U.P are so fond of voting, the required number will easily be generated there.


Government: people will have to stand full time while watching ‘Border’

The Ministry of Home Affairs has made it obligatory for even people with disability to stay still while the national anthem is played at the movies. This has left people furious and made them question the government’s sensitivity towards the issue.

Border movie will be the new benchmark of nationalism
Border movie will be the new benchmark of nationalism

But the government has not stopped at this alone. The ministry has passed a new law according to which people watching ‘Border’ movie on television or any other medium will have to stand full time during the screening of the movie. The movie is about 3 hrs long and any person seen not standing and watching ‘Border’ can be tried in court.

The rule also states that if by mistake someone is swapping channels and finds a channel telecasting ‘Border’, he/ she has to watch the full movie from there, they cannot just ignore the movie can go forwards. There will be new team called the NIB (nationalism investigating branch), which will deal with all matters of conflicts. People can report anyone who violates the rule, given they have ample proof in terms of photos or videos of the violators.


Even Bobby Deol protested the Bharat Bandh by working after 10 years

Lashing out against the demonetisation move by the Narendra Modi government, the opposition parties led by the Congress on Monday held protests. However, only the Left Front, which has a presence in Kerala, Bengal and Tripura, has called for a strike or ‘Bharat Bandh’ in the three states.

bobby deol protesting the Bharat Bandh
bobby deol protesting the Bharat Bandh


The Congress and Left, which is observing Aakrosh Divas (Day of Angst), said that it will highlight the nation’s anger due to the government’s demonetisation drive

But most people were against the bandh as they were busy standing in ATM queues or busy earning bread for their family. The shock came when even Bobby Deol worked today for 2 hours after sitting idle for 10 years as a mark of protest against the Bharat Bandh. He went to a shoot uninvited and acted for 2 hrs without taking any payment as no producer was willing to pay an uninvited actor.

But we should give credit to Bobby Deol for coming out of the shackles when the country needed it the most. By the vening even Tushar Kapoor, Fardeen Khan and other free actors had also started working.



Kejriwal: Fidel Castro died because of long hours in ATM queue

The cause of death has not yet been revealed but  Fidel Castro had been in poor health since he nearly died of an intestinal illness in 2006. Castro came to power in 1959 and ushered in a Communist revolution.

Fidel Castro's death becomes a mystery
Fidel Castro’s death becomes a mystery


Kejriwal is using this opportunity for gaining political mileage. According to Kejriwal, Fidel Castro died as he was standing for 3 hrs continuously in an ATM queue to withdraw the new currency notes. The exact place and timing of the death were not confirmed by Kejriwal, but he is rest assured that Castro dies due to demonetization.

Even Mamta Banerjee, Laloo prasad yadav and other opposition leaders feel that kejriwal’s allegations are correct and have requested an unbiased inquiry into the death so that the truth comes out.



Audience thank Modi as due to cash crunch they were not able to watch ‘Rock On 2’

Rock On 2  was a much awaited project of Farhan Akhtar and team. After the roaring success of Rock On, the audience was expecting same levels of commitment to good cinema from Farhan.


But Farhan failed this time, just like Hrithik has failed since last 2 years. Rock On 2 is a punishment one can give to its enemies, Rock On 2 is the Rahul Gandhi of movies. People who have watched it have had nightmares since then and have consulted doctors for their mental imbalance.

The people who have not watched it are thanking PM Modi for creating the cash crunch in the economy due to which people dint have money to watch Rock On 2.

Modi has lost many hearts due to his decision on black money, but he has the full support of cine goers in India. People were even of the point of view that Modi should have implemented the decision befor the release of Housefull 3 which would have saved them from one more torturous movie.