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50 percent youth returns back from coldplay concert as there was no wi-fi to update status

The Coldplay concert held today in Mumbai was a rage. There was the craze long time back and the high demands of tickets had taken center stage among major news items in India.


Most people bought tickets just under peer pressure to show off among friends and they were not interested in the music at all. Many more bought it to just go there and update their status.

It was shocking to find out for our reporter that 50 percent crowd returned back home from the concert as there was no Wi-Fi connection to update their statuses.

I mean its shocking on two fronts; first the Maharashtra government’s claim that there are hot spots at most locations in Mumbai and also people who are actually not fans of Coldplay and yet went there to watch it.

So at least the hypocrisy of people has come out in the public now, buying 25k valued tickets just to update status. Sounds insane. Doesn’t it?




Kanpur youth stands in wrong queue for 2 hours; the queue was for people buying Gutkha

With so many people exchanging notes and crowding outside ATMs, its difficult to judge which queue is for what purpose. Already there were umpteen queues in our country and the recent decision of the government has increased the number of queues many fold.

Gutkha queues are as long as the ATM queues
Gutkha queues are as long as the ATM queues


A strange incident happened in Kanpur. A guy named Sanil who was in his early 30s was standing in a queue for 2 hours to exchange his old notes, only to found out later that that queue was for people buying Gutkha at a pan wala counter.

Sanil wasted his precious 2 hours and felt really helpless, but then he bought Gutkha and relaxed his mind. many similar incidents are happening across U.P and Bihar where you have regular queues at the pan counters, and people are standing in those queues thinking that the counters are for dispensing money which they require urgently.

Government should have clear cut sign boards made out to help public in this distress.Otherwise people will keep on wasting time in the wrong queue.




Dowry taken by bank employees increase by 300 % after demonetization

one more article on demonetization. Yes, pardon me, but the ideas keep on coming. Bank employees have hiked their dowry rate by 300 % after the Modi government’s demonetization drive.

Demonetization has brought bank employees into limelight
Demonetization has brought bank employees into limelight


News items are flooded with overcrowded ATMs and bank counters. Most of the banks are working over time to help out people in smooth transition.  We should thank them for helping us in times of need as bank employees in general are not known for a generous behavior.

The demand for Grooms who are working in the banking sector has increased many fold. Parents have increased the dowry rate of their sons who are bank employees. The employees may range from the peon to the senior most managers. The bride’s families are ready to pay such hefty amounts as it would secure the future of their daughters.

There is a shortage in market for bank employees and every father wants a bank employee husband for her daughter, this trend will continue at least till the deadline of 30th December and even more if banks are valued just like they are today.

So keep looking out for the star bank employees and make your daughter’s future secure.



Bank gives only 350 in exchange of 500 to Junior Bachchan, after cutting the refund of Housefull 3

Abhishek Bachchan has been going through lot of embarrassing situations off late. No solo releases, a legendary father, an extremely talented wife and a mediocre career; this are things haunting Abhishek since long.

Housefull 3 is haunting Abhishek Bachchan
Housefull 3 is haunting Abhishek Bachchan

We do remember how after giving us 17 flops, he finally established himself as a bollywood actor. But off late directors are not showing faith in his ability to pull in crowds on a friday.

But something more embarrassing happened yesterday. Abhishek, who had a single 500 Rs note went to the  nearest bank to exchange it for the new note, but he received only 350 Rs from the bank employee.

The reason will shock you but its a genuine one. The bank employee had seen Housefull 3 recently at a theater and wanted refund, so he cut 150 Rs, the ticket amount he had spent  while exchanging Abhishek’s 500 Rs note.

Abhishek is very dissapointed as 150 Rs matters a lot to him and has vowed to earn the money back by working hard. Well, we can wish some luck to Junior Bachchan





Non-Drinkers have started buying alcohol to get change of Rs. 2000

The demonetization initiative of the Modi government has turned many Non-drinkers in to drinkers. The only place where you get change for the new Rs 2000 note is at an alcohol counter.

Alcohol sale on a rise after the demonitization iniatiative
Alcohol sale on a rise after the demonitization iniatiative


Most people who were lucky to lay hands on the new currency were finding it tough to get change to use it for other purposes. But then a brilliant idea just stuck them and everyone queued the lines at alcohol shops across the country.

The sale of alcohol has increased many fold after the Modi government initiative and people are turning up to alcohol to literally get out of the current mess. This is the perfect time for Vijay Mallya to sell as many bottles of KingFisher which can make him clear his long standing dues with the SBI. Banks are also offering alcohol purchasing loan and today itself I got a call from HDFC bank regarding the same.

For people who still don’t have any ideas to get change for their new currency, please visit your nearest alcohol counter and help yourself. Spread this message and save people from the chaos.



Aamir Khan will exchange his old currency notes, only after reading the full script of Modi’s speech

Aamir Khan as we all know is the perfectionist of Bollywood. Very rarely has he done a movie without reading the script in totality. There is a funny incident where he asked Farah Khan for the script of Om Shanti Om just do to a guest appearance.

Aamir Khan again shows what a perfectionist he is
Aamir Khan again shows what a perfectionist he is


So when it came to exchanging his old 500 and 1000 currency notes for the new ones, Aamir being Aamir stuck to his principles. He will go through the entire script of Modiji’s speech and understand properly the reason behind the demonitization. Only then will he replace the older notes with the new one.

BJP has again termed Aamir as a anti national and according to them Aamir criticizes every thing proposed by Modi ji.

In fact they want Aamir to leave India, which even Kiran Rao had suggested some time back. But Aamir expects the politicians to respect his process through which he has delivered some of the most amazing cinematic geniuses over the years. Aamir has promised that once he is through the complete script, he will himself go to the bank and replace the notes.



Kejriwal : Delhi smog due to smoke released by Modiji’s foreign trip flights

Delhiites woke up to apocalyptic grey skies as a heavy smog hung over the city on Wednesday, reducing visibility to its lowest for the month of November in many years.

Smog is the new political issue
‘Smog is the new political issue’


The air quality was so poor that it was comparable to the post-Di wali spike in pollution

But Kejriwal has brought an another angle to the whole problem. According to Kejriwal, the smog is caused by the smoke produced by Modiji’s planes when he boards them for his foreign visits.

Kejriwal also went on to add that even BJP ministers who are visiting different parts of the country in private planes are the reason for the smog.

Modi has denied such accusations and in return has accused Kejriwal of flying frequently to Gujarat and Punjab for the up coming elections. Vijay Mallya has promised government that if he is allowed to fly Kingfisher again, he will make sure that emissions from his flights are way below that of his competitors.





Pakistan : Make Mulayam Singh the CM of Kashmir and we will stop terrorism

India has been trying to isolate Pakistan from all world forums. The terrorists attack at Uri and then the subsequent cease fire violations at the LOC has really tested the patience of the Indian government.

Mulayam Singh has a great opportunity to rule Kashmir
‘Mulayam Singh has a great opportunity to rule Kashmir’


Pakistan has in turn denied such allegations and criticized India for interfering into the internal matters of Balochistan. At the recently held UN general assembly, the Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif requested the Indian government to make Mulayam Singh Yadav the CM of Kashmir, and they will stop terrorist activities.

According to Pakistan, if Mulayam Singh rules Kashmir, then there would be no separate need of terrorists to bring the state down. Mulayam, who is famous for the deteriorating law and order situation in U.P can apply the same strategy in Kashmir as well.

It is also a silver lining for Mulayam whose career was dwindling post his son Akhilesh’s growing popularity in U.P. Mulayam should take Kashmir as an opportunity to make it the next U.P. Although it is difficult, his prowess in such matters are unmatched.

PM Modi has been seriously discussing the matter with all parties as this is an golden opportunity to tackle terrorism. More power to Mulayam.




₹65,250cr black money recovered, be prepared to receive ₹522 in your account any time

As much as ₹65,250 crore of black money was declared during the four-month compliance window of the Income Declaration Scheme that ended on September 30, finance minister Arun Jaitley said on Saturday in New Delhi.

Black money recovered can be a good news for the future
‘Black money recovered can be a good news for the future’
Jaitley said 64,275 declarations were made in the four-month window and this figure could go up once all the declarations filed online and manually are compiled.

As per the Modi manifesto, any black money received would be divided by the population and the amount would be credited into the beneficiary’s account. But for this the beneficiary should have an bank account.

Many people have started receiving the ₹ 522, which they deserve according to this policy. People who don’t have a bank account are quickly opening one so that even they can get this pleasant surprise from the government.

Modiji has also promised that the amount transferred will be tax free. He has given a tight slap on the face of Congress who were mocking him for his policy on black money.

But there are people who still are waiting for the ₹ 15 lacs promised into their accounts. Many people had left their jobs in the anticipation of receiving that amount. Lets see whether those acchhe din which were promised would be delivered.


Modi wishes Kohli on 200; Congress: Sachin also scored 200 during UPA, we never did chest thumping

The BJP vs Congress debate is taking some ugly turn. After the recent ‘Khoon ki dalali’ comment by the Gandhi Scion, BJP has been targeting the Congress at every possible opportunity. Congress is also not far behind in this tussle for cheap publicity.


Modi is facing the brunt for praising Kohli
Modi is facing the brunt for praising Kohli


Recently Kohli score his first 200 on Indian soil. PM Modi was quick to praise him on twitter which he often does. This dint go well with the Congress leadership. They thought that BJP government is taking the credit for Kohli’s 200.

Kail Sibbal was very quick in calling a press conference and pointing out that even the great Sachin Tendulkar scored a century during the time of UPA government but Manmohan Singh never wished him.

Mannohan Singh dint take political advantage of the situation. Congress has urged Modi to keep quiet for 2 years and not praise anyone otherwise congress will again suffer in 2019, just like they did in 2014.

PM Modi was quick to respond and twitted that in the future he will not wish any cricketers for that matter any sportsperson. Congress has welcomed this gesture, but it has to be seen if it benefits them in the long run.