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Two childhood lovers finally meet after 10 years at a bank queue; thank Modiji

The demonetization drive did bring some discomfort for the citizens, but Modiji has also ensured that some people get a life changing experience  in the coming days.

Modiji has been hailed by the couple
Modiji has been hailed by the couple


Something similar happened at a bank queue in Mumbai recently. At one of the bank queue in Santa Cruz, two lovers met after almost 10 years. At first they din’t recognize each other but after talking for some 20-30 minutes, they finally recalled the amazing memories they shared a long time ago. The couple had separated when their respective parents had to shift places in Mumbai. They had never hoped to meet each other and had lost faith in true love.

But Modiji’s new initiative has made the lovers meet. In fact they are getting married in the next month and have invited Modiji on twitter. Modiji’s presence will make the wedding legendary, just like his decision which has created a new Modi wave in the country.

Moral of the story : Everything that happens, happens for good. So stay calm and trust Modi.