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Bihar police shoots Pizza delivery boy in encounter; says he was running away from jail without delivering extra oregano pouches

The M.P police encounter in which 8 SIMI activists died has created havoc in the country. Top officials are claiming the encounter to be a fake one where police is trying to pat its own back.

fake encounter on a rise
‘fake encounter on a rise’


Police of all states are now trying to hog the limelight by creating such encounter scenarios. Jharkhand police in fact shot 5 people who were running in a running race, claiming that they were hard core criminals.

Bihar police is not far off. Recently the central jail superintendent had ordered Pizza from a well known outlet. The Pizza was delivered but the delivery guy dint give away enough oregano pouches which made the jail officials angry.

The special team of 3 encounter specialists chased the boy down, shot him and circulated a video showing the encounter. Afterwards, the police labelled him as an accused in some anti social activities and patted its own back. More and more such incidents of fake encounters are coming in from various states and we will try to bring you some more interesting cases.