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Dhoni throws a ‘samosa and baalusahi’ party for all his players to not forget about yesterday’s defeat

Ranchi :- MSD-The untold story has been received very well by the audience and that feeling was relevant in yesterday’s match at Ranchi where the stadium erupted when Dhoni came in to bat.


Dhoni throws a samosa and baalushahi party
Dhoni throws a samosa and baalushahi party


The locals were waiting for the match eagerly after the release of Dhoni’s biopic, they wanted to live this moment with MSD. But at the end of the match, crowd felt dejected because of the result when Indian lost a close encounter. More than that the crowd felt bad as their super hero Dhoni din’t live up to the expectations.

But Dhoni took the defeat in his stride and has talked about the positives from the match. He was seen throwing a samosa and baalushahi party, just like the one we saw in his movie.

He threw this party for his team mates for the team to not forget this defeat and this date. The memories of this match and the party will motivate the team to play better in the coming matches.

Samosas and Baalushahi are some local cuisines of Ranchi and Dhoni used to munch on them during his formative years.