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Mirzya is so bad that people are going for MSG Lion heart at the interval

Mirzya, the much awaited Mehra film is not living up to the expectations. A strong plot, good screenplay, star son , good music everything dint add up well for Mehra. The Rang De Basanti director tried his best but then somethings are out of your control.

Mirzya facing tough competition from MSG
Mirzya facing tough competition from MSG


Gurmeet Singh’s MSG released with Mirzya and to everyone’s surprise, is faring well in the theaters. What can be said about a film starring a godman who cannot act or direct? There is little happening in the 118-minute film in terms of plot.MSG 3 is a series of set pieces in which Singh’s garishly dressed Lion Heart fills up every frame, parts the seas like Moses, and has more weapons that Batman’s utility belt.

But what has helped MSG is the fact that Mirzya is hell boring. People are leaving Mirzya at the interval, buying the ticket for MSG and in fact watching MSG.

Anil Kapoor who had trained Harshwardhan very meticulously, is indeed in shatters as his strategy to keep launching his star children finally fails.

At least this will give a signal to the film makers like Karan Johar, Sajid Nadiadwala and many more who have been taking the shortcut to success by launching star children one after the another.

Mehra has taken full responsibility of the debacle and has promised to cast Gurmeet Singh in his next venture