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Mulayam Singh: To stop corruption, we will sell election seats on ‘book my show’

BJP’s core voters who are angry with demonetization – traders and well-off farmers – will shift to BSP. We believe one has to choose a side firmly. Both Mulayam Singh Yadav and Akhilesh Yadav have been fence-sitters for long before joining in to criticize demonetization,” a senior BSP leader told ET

Mulayam Singh trying to end corruption in U.P
Mulayam Singh trying to end corruption in U.P


But Mulayam Singh wants to take a strong step in ending election corruption in U.P. His party will sell election seats in U.P on the booking portal book my show. This way people who want to fight elections on the samajwadi party seat will be able to buy it directly from the internet rather than queuing up outside Mulayam Singh’s residence.

Other parties like congress, BJP, BSP have also tied up with portals like PayTm, MobiKwik etc to sell their election seats. The cost of any seat will be directly proportional to the importance of that seat. People have started using the booking portals and are finding it very comfortable to fight elections now. Elections were always looked upon as the game of the riches and the elite class but not anymore as even a common man can now book a election ticket.



Mulayam Singh to hold his election rallies inside banks, as no people in banks more than his U.P rallies

Mulayam Singh has taken a bold step of organizing his election rallies inside the bank branches in U.P. With the latest decision by the government of demonetization, banks are pulling in way more crowd than any election rallies in U.P

Mulayam singh comes up with a brilliant idea
Mulayam singh comes up with a brilliant idea


Mulayam Singh, who has seen his support base dwindle in the recent election rallies. People are avoiding going to Samajwadi party rallies as they cant understand a single word spoken by Netaji.

Mulayam Singh is not happy with the current situation and wants to make speech to maximum crowd possible, and in the current scenario, no place is better than the queues outside major bank branches.

Although, it is not a popular decision and seen as a opportunist decision by various parties, Mulayam is adamant that this is the best approach possible. Other parties like BSP, Congress and others are also mulling over similar ideas to improve voter base.



Pakistan : Make Mulayam Singh the CM of Kashmir and we will stop terrorism

India has been trying to isolate Pakistan from all world forums. The terrorists attack at Uri and then the subsequent cease fire violations at the LOC has really tested the patience of the Indian government.

Mulayam Singh has a great opportunity to rule Kashmir
‘Mulayam Singh has a great opportunity to rule Kashmir’


Pakistan has in turn denied such allegations and criticized India for interfering into the internal matters of Balochistan. At the recently held UN general assembly, the Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif requested the Indian government to make Mulayam Singh Yadav the CM of Kashmir, and they will stop terrorist activities.

According to Pakistan, if Mulayam Singh rules Kashmir, then there would be no separate need of terrorists to bring the state down. Mulayam, who is famous for the deteriorating law and order situation in U.P can apply the same strategy in Kashmir as well.

It is also a silver lining for Mulayam whose career was dwindling post his son Akhilesh’s growing popularity in U.P. Mulayam should take Kashmir as an opportunity to make it the next U.P. Although it is difficult, his prowess in such matters are unmatched.

PM Modi has been seriously discussing the matter with all parties as this is an golden opportunity to tackle terrorism. More power to Mulayam.