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Kejriwal takes ATM machine to ICU room to show people suffering near ATMs

The Internet is a bizarre place and its creations are equally bizarre. The latest rage that’s gone viral on social media is an outlandish conspiracy theory which states that Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has been ‘planted’ by Bhartiya Janata Party president Amit Shah to make ‘stupid comments’ in order to make Prime Minister Narendra Modi sound intelligent.


Kejriwal thinking of a new idea
Kejriwal thinking of a new idea

And guess the reason behind the strategy? It’s 2019 elections. Outlandish, isn’t it?

Kejriwal has been continuosly bashing the PM for one or the another reason. Recently when the demonetization move was announced Kejriwal blamed the government of favoring business houses like Reliance and not caring about the poor man.

According to him poor people are suffering in ATM queues. And to prove it he even took an ATM machine to a ICU of a hospital to show that people near ATM machine are suffering in the queues.

It was only after police intervention that the ATM machine was taken back to its original place. I don’t know how does Kejri gets these brilliant ideas.