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BJP wants the sweet Mysore ‘Pak’ to be renamed as Mysore ‘Ind’ to teach Pakistan a lesson

India Pakistan relations are at their weakest ever. Cease fire violations across the LOC has prompted strong reaction from the bureaucratic community. Banning of Pakistani and Chinese goods is taking center stage of  every discussion.

Mysore 'Pak' suffering because of the India pakistan relations
‘Mysore ‘Pak’ suffering because of the India pakistan relations’


But during these protests people are not able to comprehend which products are Indian and which are made in foreign land. BJP workers think that Mysore ‘Pak’ is a Pakistani product. They want it to be renamed as Mysore ‘Ind’ or else people who eat Mysore Pak will be beaten up.

People in Karnataka are scared with such heinous threats and now even cant eat their favorite dessert. Sales of Mysore ‘pak’ is on a all time low and the sweet vendors are suffering because of this uncalled form of extremism by the BJP workers.

BJP workers have a clear stand, they want the Karnataka government to pass a resolution to prohibit the name Mysore ‘Pak’ to be used in  any part of Karnataka.

The next target for the extremists is the word ‘Pakwaan’ used in north India which translates into any cooked food. So basically what they want is people to stop eating food. I mean how insane is that, should we go on dieting just because our neighbor is attacking us with terrorism. There would be and there has to be a better solution to this menace.


Pakistan : Make Mulayam Singh the CM of Kashmir and we will stop terrorism

India has been trying to isolate Pakistan from all world forums. The terrorists attack at Uri and then the subsequent cease fire violations at the LOC has really tested the patience of the Indian government.

Mulayam Singh has a great opportunity to rule Kashmir
‘Mulayam Singh has a great opportunity to rule Kashmir’


Pakistan has in turn denied such allegations and criticized India for interfering into the internal matters of Balochistan. At the recently held UN general assembly, the Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif requested the Indian government to make Mulayam Singh Yadav the CM of Kashmir, and they will stop terrorist activities.

According to Pakistan, if Mulayam Singh rules Kashmir, then there would be no separate need of terrorists to bring the state down. Mulayam, who is famous for the deteriorating law and order situation in U.P can apply the same strategy in Kashmir as well.

It is also a silver lining for Mulayam whose career was dwindling post his son Akhilesh’s growing popularity in U.P. Mulayam should take Kashmir as an opportunity to make it the next U.P. Although it is difficult, his prowess in such matters are unmatched.

PM Modi has been seriously discussing the matter with all parties as this is an golden opportunity to tackle terrorism. More power to Mulayam.




PM Modi sends DVD of Border to Kejriwal as a proof of surgical strikes

A day after Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal sent a video message to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, urging him to “unmask” Pakistan’s “dirty propaganda” about the Indian Army’s surgical strikes across the LoC, the capital witnessed two protests connected to the issue Tuesday. One was held by the AAP, to protest against Pakistan and its media, while the other was held by the BJP, to protest against AAP chief Kejriwal whose remarks, claimed the party, amounted to “seeking proof” of the strikes.

Kejriwal had asked PM Modi to give proof of the Surgical Strikes so that Indians get more confidence and more will to have faith in the Army. BJP leaders accused Kejriwal of playing politics with the border security at stake.

PM Modi has duly obliged and has asked his secretary to send a DVD of Border to Kejriwal’s office so that Kejri can finally relax. No movie depicts the surgical strikes better than Border.  PM Modi has promised that even after watching the movie if Kejriwal demands further proof than he will ask Army to carry out the strikes at Delhi CM’s office.

AAP members have often backed Kejriwal at all times, but distrust in Indian Army is something even they cant take from their leader.

While AAP offered its support to the central government, it continued to seek the same thing Kejriwal had asked asked for, and over which he had been attacked by the BJP: a response to Pakistan’s “false propaganda”.