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Nitish Kumar : We will stop black marketing of question paper leak, will put them on Flipkart

Bihar government is facing the wrath of the nation after constantly failing to tackle the question paper leak menace. Recently some toppers were caught with degrees which were fake, they dint even know the subjects they were appearing for.

Nitish Kumar launching his dream project
‘Nitish Kumar launching his dream project’

Most of the rich students in Bihar get the question papers 2-3 days prior to the examinations. The poor students are the ones who suffer as they can’t cough up the premium to be paid for such question papers as there are limited question papers which are auctioned and the rich students lay their hands first.

Nitish Kumar is willing to help the poor students. His government is formulating a plan by which all papers will be put on Flipkart from where students can buy it at an affordable price.

The price will be fixed according to the toughness of the paper. No student will get the privilege to buy it before 2-3 days of the exams as it used to happen earlier.

There will be no limits in the amount of question papers sold. Every student who wants to buy a question paper will get a question paper.