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Kejriwal takes ATM machine to ICU room to show people suffering near ATMs

The Internet is a bizarre place and its creations are equally bizarre. The latest rage that’s gone viral on social media is an outlandish conspiracy theory which states that Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has been ‘planted’ by Bhartiya Janata Party president Amit Shah to make ‘stupid comments’ in order to make Prime Minister Narendra Modi sound intelligent.


Kejriwal thinking of a new idea
Kejriwal thinking of a new idea

And guess the reason behind the strategy? It’s 2019 elections. Outlandish, isn’t it?

Kejriwal has been continuosly bashing the PM for one or the another reason. Recently when the demonetization move was announced Kejriwal blamed the government of favoring business houses like Reliance and not caring about the poor man.

According to him poor people are suffering in ATM queues. And to prove it he even took an ATM machine to a ICU of a hospital to show that people near ATM machine are suffering in the queues.

It was only after police intervention that the ATM machine was taken back to its original place. I don’t know how does Kejri gets these brilliant ideas.




Aamir Khan will exchange his old currency notes, only after reading the full script of Modi’s speech

Aamir Khan as we all know is the perfectionist of Bollywood. Very rarely has he done a movie without reading the script in totality. There is a funny incident where he asked Farah Khan for the script of Om Shanti Om just do to a guest appearance.

Aamir Khan again shows what a perfectionist he is
Aamir Khan again shows what a perfectionist he is


So when it came to exchanging his old 500 and 1000 currency notes for the new ones, Aamir being Aamir stuck to his principles. He will go through the entire script of Modiji’s speech and understand properly the reason behind the demonitization. Only then will he replace the older notes with the new one.

BJP has again termed Aamir as a anti national and according to them Aamir criticizes every thing proposed by Modi ji.

In fact they want Aamir to leave India, which even Kiran Rao had suggested some time back. But Aamir expects the politicians to respect his process through which he has delivered some of the most amazing cinematic geniuses over the years. Aamir has promised that once he is through the complete script, he will himself go to the bank and replace the notes.



Sushma Swaraj to airlift people from U.S after the Trump victory

India will be airlifting its nationals from U.S after getting permission from authorities to fly from U.S for three hours a day. “Today we got permission to fly from U.S for three hours a day. We will use the slot for evacuating our citizens everyday,” External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj said

Aksay Kumar to help the Airlift mission to save citizens from Donald Trump
Aksay Kumar to help the Airlift mission to save citizens from Donald Trump

According to officials sources, the government will chalk out a schedule for Air India sorties to evacuate the nationals. Swaraj also tweeted that India was in the process of sending a ship with a capacity of 1,500 passengers.

Trump’s victory has created havoc as his open speeches against Asians, Canadians and other nationals was already creating fear in minds of people. Manohar Parrikar assured full support to the external ministry and if need arises military help will not be far away. Indian government has also hired Akshay Kumar as a consultant to airlift maximum Indians who want to leave U.S. This is a massive evacuation comparable to Akshay’s film Airlift which was a major success.

Sushma is also replying to any tweet related to the evacuation drive and has promised every NRI will be helped in the best possible manner. PM Mdi has lauded Swaraj for her efforts and has promised similar evacuation drives in the future also.



Modi government makes new rule; ‘Jai Shri Ram ‘ to replace ‘Regards’ in official mails

BJP on Wednesday asserted that nothing political should be read in Prime Minister Narendra Modi greeting people on Dussehra with the name of Lord Ram, who is a venerable figure for Indians.


jai shri Ram to replace ' Regards'
jai shri Ram to replace ‘ Regards’

Its comments came after some opposition parties took a dig at Modi over his saying “Jai Shri Ram, Jai Jai Shri Ram” from a Ramlila stage in Lucknow  as the greeting is loaded with political symbolism linked to Ram temple issue

But PM Modi has not taken a step back. In fact his government is taking a step further. Government has made a new rule for the corporate world. All official mails should have ‘Jai Shri Ram’ in the signature instead of conventional phrases like ‘Regards’, ‘Thanks and Regards’ etc.

Although the decision can back fire, government is sure that this step is not against religious harmony. In fact, people will become more spiritual and think twice before drafting any unethical mail due to the presence of God’s name.

The rule will be implemented in phases and Delhi will be the first state to implement it. Minority communities are against the decision and will contest it in High Court. But while doing so they have to first send a mail to the High court judge with the signature including ‘jai shri Ram’.





Air India posts Rs 105 cr operating profit due to frequent foreign tours of PM Modi

The state-owned airline, which is working on ways to improve its financials, had an operating loss of Rs 2,636 crore in 2014-15.

PM Modi is a big reason for Air india's rise
PM Modi is a big reason for Air india’s rise

During its meeting today, the Air India board approved the financial numbers for 2015-16 and the carrier has reported an operating profit of Rs 105 crore, sources said.

BJP MPs are adamant that PM Modi is responsible for this amazing turnaround. It is because of his frequent foreign tours and internal travel that Air India is able to generate lots of revenue. Out of the 105 crore profit, 55 crore is because of Modiji.

Air India has even provided some coupon codes to the PMO for discounts in his future trips. It has also launched flying services to nations where Modiji has not visited yet, so that Modiji can start visiting those remote locations.

Modi can even take more of his colleagues at the same cost as Air India has designed some combo offers for the PM. Rajnath Singh has privately met the PM and urged him to take him along on all his future foreign trips.

After hearing about Air India’s turnaround, private players like Spicejet and Indigo are also designing packages for the PM. Hope they succeed in their endeavor.



Chinese president to India : we will support Pakistan until you remove ‘Chinese Bhel’ from your menu

The recently concluded BRICS summit brought the leaders of 5 big big economies together in their fight against terrorism. There was a consensus related to actions against terrorist outfits.

Chinese Bhel will soon be out of Indian menus
‘Chinese Bhel will soon be out of Indian menus’



The leaders discussed on various things other than terrorism. That included food, culture, hobbies and future aspirations. The Chinese President Xi Jinping was very vocal about his distaste for Indian Chinese food. Indians have literally customized the Chinese menu according to their own taste.

Some of the famous Chinese food on Indian menu are ‘Gobi Manchurian’, ‘Paneer Chilly’, ‘Chinese Bhel’ and lot more. Its a surprise that these dishes have no existence in China and Indians selling it with the brand name of China.

Xi Jinping was very furious with the dish name ‘Chinese Bhel’ as it is just a disproportionate mixture of all Chinese ingredients. He has strongly condemned the invention of such dishes in India. In fact he has urged PM Modi to personally look into the matter and ban the dish across India. Once the dish is completely banned in India, China will withdraw its support to Pakistan.

Indians are very attached to the Chinese Bhel and its seems very difficult to ban it in near future, but with China’s offer of isolating Pakistan, we can very well think of implementing the ban.

Or else, we should at least change the name of the dish.


BJP selling PM’s mann ki baat DVDs with the cover name ‘latest hits of Arijit Singh’

Arijit Singh has been a sensation ever since he started singing in bollywood. All his songs are memorable and filled with emotions. Romance, break ups, party, sadness you name it and Arijit has it. He has collaborated with upcoming music directors to give us some gems.

PM Modi's mann ki baat
‘PM Modi’s mann ki baat’


But there are people who want to use Arijit’s popularity to seel their products of ideas. The latest example being the mann ki baat team of our PM. Just when they realized that people are losing interest in the weekly talk delivered by our PM, his team has come up with a new strategy to boost promotions.

PM Modi’s marketing team has decided to sell mann ki baat DVDs with the cover name as ‘latest hits of Arijit Singh’. Young people who are Arijit’s fans will buy the DVDs and wll have to forcibly listen to our PM’s speeches.

With every DVD, you will also get a poster of PM Modi directly delivered to your home after 5 days of the purchase. Also lucky customers will be able to meet PM Modi in 2020, given the fact that he wins the 2019 elections.

Arijit is happy that his popularity is helping the nation to listen to it’s PM and his innovative ideas. Only problem is the opposition. Now the congress has decided that they will sell Rahul gandhi’s CDs under the cover name ‘Jagjit Singh ki nagme’. 

Unlucky will be the people who will buy the Jagjit Singh CDs with high hopes, only for their hopes to be dashed later.