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U.P man sues condom company; says he was attacked by the woman’s husband inspite of safe sex promised by the company

Despite its burgeoning population, India has a strange relationship with birth control, especially condoms. Apart from being among the cheapest methods of birth control, condoms are the only contraception that protect against both pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.


Yet, the word is often beeped on Indian television and movies and condom ads are allocated late night slots on channels so as to reduce the possibility of “non-mature” audiences getting exposed to the contraceptive

But condition in U.P is different. A person named Kejruwal has sued a condom company as it dint provide the safe sex it had promised. According to him, he was attacked by the husband of the woman he was having sex with and condom dint provide any safety to his life. This is the first time any such case has been registered in U.P, but condom companies have revealed that they get many such queries from people in U.P. Government doesn’t have any laws to protect such people but the new Akhilesh-Rahul coalition has promised that it will introduce a new law pertaining to such issues.


Rahul Gandhi asks for refund as the makers dint show Dhoni resignation in the biopic

The BJP has alleged that Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi violated the model code of conduct by “co-relating the Congress election symbol with religious figures”.


But that’s not all what Rahul Gandhi did this week. He in fact was very sad that MSD resigned from ODI captaincy, but that was not the sole concern for his sadness. In fact he was sad that the producers dint show the resignation part in the Dhoni biopic.

Rahul Gandhi thought that whatever shown in the movie is the whole life of Dhoni and no big decision will be taken in future regarding his playing career and he will keep playing and captaining for ages. To his shock, MS resigned from the post of captaincy just recently.

Rahul took the matter in his own hand and promised to fight for people who had been fooled by the film makers. He has filed for refund from the makers and has urged the Lodha panel to intervene in this matter as the he thinks lodha panel is the supreme authority.



Congress party to sell off crackers they had bought for 2014 elections, for the coming Diwali

BJP won with a thumping majority in the 2014 general elections. Projecting Modi as a PM candidate worked wonders for the party. Congress meanwhile suffered an embarrassing loss with UPA getting only 60 seats.

Congress party coming together for a noble cause
‘Congress party coming together for a noble cause’

Congress party offices are full of fire crackers the party had bought for celebrations post victory. But none were used and the stock is lying untouched.

With funds being a big issue for the non ruling party, normal party working is getting impacted. Finally Rahul Gandhi has decided to sell off all the crackers at a discounted rate in the open market, which will give them enough funds till next Diwali.

People spend a lot of money on crackers for their children and Congress party wants to play a small role in bringing happiness during Diwali.  BJP Bihar office has also a large pile of crackers at their office as they lost the 2016 Bihar elections. BJP senior management has also decided to contribute to this noble cause.

Finally we can boycott the Chinese crackers  and buy Indian made crackers at a discounted rates from the party offices.


BJP selling PM’s mann ki baat DVDs with the cover name ‘latest hits of Arijit Singh’

Arijit Singh has been a sensation ever since he started singing in bollywood. All his songs are memorable and filled with emotions. Romance, break ups, party, sadness you name it and Arijit has it. He has collaborated with upcoming music directors to give us some gems.

PM Modi's mann ki baat
‘PM Modi’s mann ki baat’


But there are people who want to use Arijit’s popularity to seel their products of ideas. The latest example being the mann ki baat team of our PM. Just when they realized that people are losing interest in the weekly talk delivered by our PM, his team has come up with a new strategy to boost promotions.

PM Modi’s marketing team has decided to sell mann ki baat DVDs with the cover name as ‘latest hits of Arijit Singh’. Young people who are Arijit’s fans will buy the DVDs and wll have to forcibly listen to our PM’s speeches.

With every DVD, you will also get a poster of PM Modi directly delivered to your home after 5 days of the purchase. Also lucky customers will be able to meet PM Modi in 2020, given the fact that he wins the 2019 elections.

Arijit is happy that his popularity is helping the nation to listen to it’s PM and his innovative ideas. Only problem is the opposition. Now the congress has decided that they will sell Rahul gandhi’s CDs under the cover name ‘Jagjit Singh ki nagme’. 

Unlucky will be the people who will buy the Jagjit Singh CDs with high hopes, only for their hopes to be dashed later.



All U-Turns on Indian roads to be named as Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi speaks very less, but when he speaks you don’t understand what he is speaking. Something similar happened recently. First he spoke against the RSS, then he took back his comments and now he is back sticking to his older comments. Well, that sounds pretty confusing.

Rahul Gandhi happy with the acknowledgement
Rahul Gandhi happy with the acknowledgement








But this has been a trend in Rahul Gandhi’s political career. Now the Roads and Highways department of Indian government wants to dedicate all ‘U-Turns’ on Indian road to the congress heir. All U-Turn signs on roads will be replaced by a picture of Rahul Gandhi.

Rahul has never previously received such honor from the government, and according to him he relishes such honors. He will himself promote this initiative in all his political rallies, not in U.P though because U.P roads don’t have the U-turn sign, in fact U.P roads have no signs. Congress has thanked the BJP for honoring their president and have promised that they will use Advani ji picture on all sign gauges once they are in to power.

This shows the collaborative strength of the Indian democracy.