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Sequel to Raja Hindustani planned; Aamir to play role of an OLA driver

Raja Hindustani was a big hit during the 90s. It is movie which deserves a sequel, after all we have sequels for  Houseful, Murder and Raaz which make no sense at all.

Aamir Khan practicing to drive an OLA
‘Aamir Khan practicing to drive an OLA’

The biggest difference between the two installments of Raja Hindustani is that in the new one Aamir will play the role of an OLA driver as nowadays OLA appeals to the youth rather than the normal taxis.

Karishma Kapoor will play the role of a rich daughter which she essayed in part 1, the story will be similar with the only difference being the income of Aamir Khan as OLA drivers earn a lot nowadays.

Aamir will be seen in a stylish avatar compared to the first installment. He will be shown telling stories to his passengers just like OLA drivers do nowadays. Dharmesh Darshan will try to rope in OLA as an travelling partner to fund a major part of the film.

Aamir Khan is seen practicing for the role by actually driving some ola cabs in and around Mumbai. He was seen in a disguised avatar to prevent too much of crowd disturbing him.

OLA is very happy with the brand association and has promised to pump more money into the venture