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Salim Khan has prepared 50 apology statements for Salman Khan comments in the future

Actor Salman Khan has off late been ripped apart by the media for his recent comments on the Pakistani actors issue. He has been speaking his mind on various issues only to apologize latter. He was picked for his raped women comment during the Sultan promotions and many more.


Salim Khan to the rescue of his son
Salim Khan to the rescue of his son


Salman Khan has not been doing research work before coming out with controversial statements. He has finally sought help from his scriptwriter dad who will try to shield his son from further controversies.

Saim Khan has designed a new strategy to tackle the menance. He will prepare a collection of 50 apology letters on various issues for Salman to speak on them and then be ready with the apology. Salman unlike his movies is very weak with the usage of words, and Salim Khan with his expertise in writing will try to help his son.

Salim Khan will select various issues from the current happenings on which Salman can comment in the near future and then would be ready with the apology letters in no time. This way he can play safe with the media. If his comments are well received he will not require the letters, but if something goes wrong, he can definitely fall back on those wonderfully written letters.