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Testers complain of not being able to install Shaadi.com app on the new BeingSmart phones launched by Salman Khan

The world of smartphones is soon going to get a whole lot star-studded, as Salman Khan plans to finally venture into manufacturing and selling Android smartphones under his unique “Being Smart” brand sometime later this year, according to reports.

Salman Khan with a new superhit formula
Salman Khan with a new superhit formula

To that effect, Salman Khan has registered the “Being Smart” trademark for smartphones which will be targeted at the entry to mid-level market segment.

But the phones have a major fault as the testers have confirmed. The phones were manufactured sometime back but the fault came in to notice today by the testers. According to them, one cannot install the match finding applications like Shaadi.com, Bharat matrimony etc on these range of phones, or else the phone will hang. Guess what, the phones are exactly behaving like Sallu. But the testers have confirmed that the fault will vanish once Salman decides to marry. Now that’s some good news coming your way.


Interior designers of Jodhpur jail unhappy as they had decorated the jail for Salman’s stay

Hindi actor Salman Khan was on Wednesday acquitted in a case registered against him under the Arms Act in Jodhpur in 1998 along with the cases of poaching of chinkaras and black bucks, when he was shooting for Hindi film Hum Saath Saath Hain

Salman Khan

But the jail authorities are not happy. They had hired special interior designers to decorate the jail for ‘Bhai’s’ stay, but now that bhai is acquitted, the money spent on decorations will be a waste. Many electronic appliances were also ordered for bhai’s stay to be comfortable. T.V, Fridge, A.C, Gaming station and much more.

The jail authorities have requested Salman to at least visit the jail for 2-3 days and give them the opportunity to provide good hospitality and food. Salman has promised that soon he will try to commit another crime and try to spend 2-3 days in Jodhpur Jail. Well, now its up to the judiciary to decide whether they give Salman this chance or not.


Sooraj Barjatya retires from movie making due to 2.5 lac withdrawal limit for wedding couples

Sooraj Barjatya is renowned for his family movies with lavish screenplays and the garnishing with human emotions. All his movies have wedding sequences which are shot aesthetically to the core.

Even Salman is shocked by Sorraj Barjatya's announcement
Even Salman is shocked by Sorraj Barjatya’s announcement


But due to the 2.5 lac limit on withdrawal for marriages, Sooraj Barjatya can no more show lavish weddings on celluloid. He doesn’t know how to make low budget entertainers and this limit on withdrawal is the final nail in his directorial career.

Some industry experts advised sooraj to consult Anurag Kashyap for shooting wedding sequences with low budget like the one he did in Gangs Of Wasseypur. Bur after watching Bombay Velet, Sooraj has lost trust in Anurag as well.

Sooraj and other rich film makers like Karan Johar, Zoya Akhtar, Sajid Nadiadwala have requested the finance minister to increase the withdrawal limits so that they can show practical aesthetic weddings in their movies, which currently they can’t as it wont look real to the Indian audience.



Shera gets arrested for beating a guy who was spoiling Salman’s image by saying Sultan had a story

Salman Khan’s bodyguard Shera has been is facing assault charges after he allegedly broke a man’s collar bone and threatened him with a gun.

Shera has always protected the image of Salman Khan
Shera has always protected the image of Salman Khan

A complaint has been registered against Shera at Mumbai’s DN Nagar police station under Section 326 (Voluntarily causing hurt by dangerous weapons) and Section 323 (Punishment for voluntarily causing hurt) of the Indian Penal Code. A police team is on its way to arrest him.

According to the complaint, the incident took place around 2.30 AM. The complainant approached Shera at a pub in Vile Parle and a heated argument broke out. After they left the pub, Shera and two other bodyguards began to assault the complainant, breaking his collar bone and pointing a gun at him.

The reason behind the assault is shocking. The victim was constantly shouting that Sultan had a great story and great characters. This doesn’t go well with the image of Salman Khan who is known to do movies without stories.

Salman is known to play larger than life characters which have no relation to a story or a character. Shera gets angry whenever someone tries to disrespect the image of ‘BHAI’

Well, lets see if Shera accuses his driver of the assault, just like his ‘MALIK’


Government blames Bajaj for the poor state of wrestling in India as it stopped the production of scooters

There is one thing common between all wrestling movies in India. Be it Sultan, be it Dangal, the protagonist uses the same mode of transport, i.e Bajaj scooters.


Salman and Aamir, both promoting the scooter
‘Salman and Aamir, both promoting the scooter’


Salman was seen riding one and now even Aamir has taken forward the tradition. It is a fact that wrestlers still use this old mode of transport and they are comfortable in it. This has given an opportunity to pass on the blame for the poor condition of wrestling in India on to Bajaj which for a long time now has stopped the production of scooters.

Bajaj has welcomed the criticism and has drawn out a plan to revive the acceptable mode of transport in smaller cities. They even want to associate with Dangal for promotion purposes. Bajaj has promised that it will keep the scooters very cost effective so that all wrestlers can afford it and their commute between home and stadium will be comfortable.

Companies like Honda and TVS are also in talks to launch special edition vehicles designed for the wrestlers. Its good that movies like Sultan and Dangal are bringing us closer on our traditional sport like wrestling.




Salim Khan has prepared 50 apology statements for Salman Khan comments in the future

Actor Salman Khan has off late been ripped apart by the media for his recent comments on the Pakistani actors issue. He has been speaking his mind on various issues only to apologize latter. He was picked for his raped women comment during the Sultan promotions and many more.


Salim Khan to the rescue of his son
Salim Khan to the rescue of his son


Salman Khan has not been doing research work before coming out with controversial statements. He has finally sought help from his scriptwriter dad who will try to shield his son from further controversies.

Saim Khan has designed a new strategy to tackle the menance. He will prepare a collection of 50 apology letters on various issues for Salman to speak on them and then be ready with the apology. Salman unlike his movies is very weak with the usage of words, and Salim Khan with his expertise in writing will try to help his son.

Salim Khan will select various issues from the current happenings on which Salman can comment in the near future and then would be ready with the apology letters in no time. This way he can play safe with the media. If his comments are well received he will not require the letters, but if something goes wrong, he can definitely fall back on those wonderfully written letters.