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Raj Thackeray: Even watching coke studio with Pakistani singers will require my permission

On Sunday, Khan went to the home of Raj Thackeray, chief of the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) and “assured” him that the publicity campaign of his new film, Raees, would not include Mahira Khan, a Pakistani actress who stars opposite Khan.

Raj Thackeray giving nationalism certificate to SRK
Raj Thackeray giving nationalism certificate to SRK

He also said he would not act with Pakistani actors in the future. Thackeray gracefully accepted. It was one more example of cravenness that the Hindi film industry is known for, but it also shows how much Mumbai – and India – have changed

Raj Thackeray has assured the country that he will not go soft on anything related to Pakistan. He will make India totally Pakistan free, be it cricket, entertainment or even import export.

His next target is the Coke Studio program which seldom features songs sung by Pakistani artists and gives them platform to flourish in India.

Any person watching Coke Studio will have to deposit 500 Rs in the welfare fund of the MNS party or else that person will be attacked. Well, I at least have taken this threat seriously and whenever I hear a Pakistani singer singing, I either swap channels or switch off my television.