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After the biopic on MS Dhoni, a biopic on Stuart Binny is planned

Making a biopic on the Indian Captain MS Dhoni is very easy. We have so much material and anecdotes on his life. But same is not the case with Stuart Binny. It’s difficult to build a story and to enhance it to make it into a feature film. UTV has hired 10 writers to come up with an appealing plot showing the life of Stuart Binny.

Finally the hard work has paid, it seems
Finally the hard work has paid, it seems

Stuart comes from a humble background, his father was a well-known cricketer. He was always selected in the club teams by his merit, not due to his father’s phone calls. He has worked very hard in becoming an all-rounder; all-rounder here means average in all departments. He bats at no 8, bowls at no 8 and his fielding is a pure work of fiction.

The writers are trying to create a large fiction surrounding the life of Stuart Binny, because his real life doesn’t deserve a story as of now. His family members are being spoken to about some of his interesting memories of his childhood. His father revealed that Stuart always wanted to become a waiter, that is why he is so efficient in carrying the drinks as a 12th man. He was a very studious student just like many other cricketers.

Love life of Stuart Binny will be a major plot in the movie depicting his story with his wife Mayanti Langer. The most interesting part of the movie according to one of the writer named Shugato Banerjee,  is the Interval. They are working hard on the interval part and will come up with a nice interval in 5-6 days.

Meanwhile the diehard Stuart binny fans can eagerly wait to see his larger than life image on the silver screen.