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Mumbai Offices play National Anthem throughout the day to keep employees awake

The Supreme Court order directing cinema halls to play the national anthem before screening to “instill committed patriotism and nationalism” has received mixed reactions from legal experts with a few terming it as “judiciary’s over-enthusiasm” and others saying playing it and respecting it won’t cause any harm

National Anthem comes to the rescue of many employers
National Anthem comes to the rescue of many employers


But some people are using the National Anthem verdict for their own good. Some of the Mumbai Offices have started playing the national anthem throughout the day so that their employees are always on their toes and don’t doze off while working.

Hearing the National Anthem keeps the employees full of energy and also in a standing position so that they don’t sleep or take a power nap after their lunch break.

Many bosses of MNCs are having the national anthem as their caller tune so that every subordinate who calls them would talk to them in a standing position and give respect to them which they never deserved.