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TCS to hire Karun Nair for his experience of sitting on bench in spite of having great talent

India coach Anil Kumble today made it clear that Karun Nair’s one triple century cannot outshine the two years of “extremely successful” stint of Ajinkya Rahane and dropping the experienced middle-order batsman from the playing XI is out of question

Karun Nair is finally happy
Karun Nair is finally happy

This has not gone down well with Karun Nair fans as they think injustice has been met out to an extremely talented cricketer. Rahane although being a consistent batsman for a long period has shown signs of complacency and awkwardness during recent stints.

But its a blessing in disguise for India’s no 1 IT company, TCS. According to reports TCS is on a hiring spree and they have identified Karun’s immense talent of warming the bench for a long time. TCS is renowned for keeping talented youngsters on bench for a long time and then offering them limited opportunities as and when they come.

Karun has welcomed such reports and thinks that he can contribute immensely to TCS’s growth and also can kill time while he is not practicing cricket.


TCS runs out of paper in all offices after all employees take print out of their Diwali flights

TCS employs almost 2.5 lac Indians working in various cities across India. Imagine each one of them using an office resource to get something done. A live example was what TCS got and it has put pressure on its logistics.


TCS employees will be fired if they take more print outs
‘TCS employees will be fired if they take more print outs’


As Diwali is fast approaching, employees who have their going home plan made long time back are busy printing their flight tickets from their office printer. Imagine 2.5 lac people printing at the same time.

Almost all offices are running short of blank white paper. Most employees are taking 2-3 prints of the same ticket, in case they misplace the original ticket.

The supervisors are not able to blame their employees as they themselves are involved in such a large scale malpractice. The employees meanwhile have promised that they will replace the paper used once they are back from their Diwali vacations. But such promises are of no use as TCS gives many such promises to its clients also which are never fulfilled.

An emergency meeting was called at their Mumbai office to discuss the issue where some announcements were made. One employee can print only one ticket a year and the number of tickets you print is proportional to the position one holds. Employees are happy with the decision and can enjoy Diwali every year with the same enthusiasm.