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Uday Chopra and Dino Morea nominated for Swachh Bharat award as they cleaned up bank accounts of many producers

Swachh Bharat abhiyan is a pet project of PM Modi and he is working overtime to make it a success. The Indian government is recognizing contributions made by celebrities in different sectors and honoring them with the swachh bharat award.

Uday and Dino are happy with the swachh bharat award
Uday and Dino are happy with the swachh bharat award


PM Modi has been personally appreciating individuals who have been leading by example in the quest to achieve cleanliness, for example he recently praised Virat Kohli who was seen throwing used bottles in the dustbin.

The award selection panel for Bollywood had a tough time in deciding the candidates. There was a serious discussion on the names of Tushar Kapoor, Bobby Deol, Harman Baweja and many more; but at last they selected Uday Chopra and Dino Morea.

According to them, Uday and Dino have been cleaning up bank accounts of many producers by continuously delivering flop movies. They have worked very hard to not give a hit movie

Uday and Dino have promised to turn up for the event as they are recently very free with no movies to shoot. Tushar, Bobby and others have vowed to fightback, come the next season of awards. With the kind of flop movies Ranbir Kapoor is delivering, even he can be nominated for the next season.