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After conquering almost all of India, BJP now focuses on upcoming elections in SriLanka and Bangladesh

The BJP’s electoral tsunami in Uttar Pradesh will not just dramatically change the party’s numbers in the assembly but will have an immediate impact on the next Presidential elections in July when President Pranab Mukherjee completes his term

BJP on a high level of confidence
BJP on a high level of confidence

For National Democratic Alliance or NDA the path to having its nominee elected as the next President has become much easier after the BJP and its allies won 325 lawmakers in UP, 57 in Uttarakhand and impressive 21 in Manipur. Since the results, the BJP has announced it is all set take charge in the state, claiming it has support of 31 legislators

But the BJP has newer aspirations now. BJP now wants to shift focus to other countries as well. It wants to bring whole of South Asia under the NDA rule, for which Amit Shah has already started preparations. Amit Shah has promised more cricket series between India and the neighboring countries to make BJP more polupar in those countries. BJP is also ready for any alliance if at all it is necessary with the smaller parties.


People in U.P demand electricity for 11th March to watch election results

A day ahead of the sixth phase of the Uttar Pradesh assembly polls, BJP president Amit Shah on Friday claimed his party has “won” a majority in the previous phases and the state’s ‘achhe din’ will begin from 11 March, the day of counting of votes.

All U.P wants is electricity for one day
All U.P wants is electricity for one day

He also accused chief minister Akhilesh Yadav of abdicating his responsibility over the absconding minister Gayatri Prajapati, calling it a worst example of poor law and order. Asked if the results will be seen as people’s response to the Narendra Modi government’s work, he said they will put their stamp of approval on its two-and-a-half-year tenure in these elections

All politicians are blaming each other for the poor state of affairs in U.P. Everyone is accusing the other one for not providing electricity to the villages. People are bored of these accusations and have demanded the electricity board to provide electricity for only day .i.e 11th march so that they can at least watch the election result. According to them they don’t need electricity after 11th March. Hope this falls on to the dumb ears of the shouting politician class.



Varun Dhawan says voting is very important for a democracy and he votes every year for Big Boss candidates

Bollywood actor Varun Dhawanwas trolled by Twitterati on Tuesday. It all began when Varun couldn’t vote for the BMC elections 2017 as his name was missing from the voter list and came out to issue his statement to the media.

Varun Dhawan votes every year
Varun Dhawan votes every year

He said, “It’s upsetting that I couldn’t find my name on the voter list. My name has not shown up in the list unfortunately, it’s bizarre because I voted last year. Will find out from EC where is my name.”

But the controversy has taken a bizarre turn as Varun has apologized for his comments and has said that last year he voted for the Big Boss candidates by sending a SMS. Due to the election season he was confused as to which voting was media referring to and that’s why he said he voted every year.

But he has appealed to the nation through news sources that Voting is indeed important for a Democracy like India. People should vote every year, just the way he does for the Big Boss candidates.


Election commission shifts the BMC polling counters to U.P to increase voting percentage

A total of 61.16 percent voter turnout was recorded as voting ended in the third phase of the ongoing assembly polls in Uttar Pradesh on Sunday.

Till 3 p.m., the turnout was estimated to be 53 percent.

Kanpur: Voters queue up to caste their votes during the third phase of UP assembly election in Kanpur on Sunday. PTI Photo(PTI2_19_2017_000156B)
Kanpur: Voters queue up to caste their votes during the third phase of UP assembly election in Kanpur on Sunday. PTI Photo(PTI2_19_2017_000156B)

With over 826 candidates from 105 political parties contesting for 69 seats, polling began on Sunday morning for the crucial third phase of the Uttar Pradesh Assembly Elections

But the story is different in Mumbai for the BMC elections, onlt 31 % voting was recorded for the region for which the BMC elections are very important in providing basic necessities in a governed manner. Mumbai has always registered such mediocre numbers, and it makes us wonder if people have lost faith in elections.

The election commission of India has come with an innovative idea to increase the voting percentage. They want to utilize the U.P election enthusiasm among people in U.P to increase the voting percentage for BMC elections. For this, all BMC polling counters will be shifted to U.P for a day as people in U.P are so fond of voting, the required number will easily be generated there.


U.P man sues condom company; says he was attacked by the woman’s husband inspite of safe sex promised by the company

Despite its burgeoning population, India has a strange relationship with birth control, especially condoms. Apart from being among the cheapest methods of birth control, condoms are the only contraception that protect against both pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.


Yet, the word is often beeped on Indian television and movies and condom ads are allocated late night slots on channels so as to reduce the possibility of “non-mature” audiences getting exposed to the contraceptive

But condition in U.P is different. A person named Kejruwal has sued a condom company as it dint provide the safe sex it had promised. According to him, he was attacked by the husband of the woman he was having sex with and condom dint provide any safety to his life. This is the first time any such case has been registered in U.P, but condom companies have revealed that they get many such queries from people in U.P. Government doesn’t have any laws to protect such people but the new Akhilesh-Rahul coalition has promised that it will introduce a new law pertaining to such issues.


After watching too many “All men are rapists” tweets, man started believing he is a Rapist, Surrendered himself to Police.

Actor, director and social activist Nandita Das is the latest to have been targeted by trolls over an alleged controversial quote attributed to her on social media


The supposed statement in question being, ‘Every man is a potential rapist.’ The quote went viral leading to the online community, especially the men, not only condemning it but also cracking jokes on it. “Every Nandita Das is a potential Alia Bhatt,” said one of the many who objected it

After realizing that the topic has created quite a furore online, the actress clarified, “I’m being falsely quoted. Never said all men are rapists. What kind of a stupid generalisation is that? Sad that I have to even explain this.”

But what happened in a village in U.P was shocking, a man got so sure about him being a rapist after reading the tweets, that he surrendered himself to the nearest police station. The officers are not sure what do do in such cases as it is a first one of the type.



Akhilesh Yadav claims that Samajwadi party will win 300 seats out of 298 in U.P

Hours after Akhilesh Yadav failed to get his sulking father Mulayam Singh Yadav to join him on stage for the unveiling of the Samajwadi Party manifesto for next month’s Uttar Pradesh election, a Facebook update from the Chief Minister projected that all is well.


Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav addressing a press conference at Shastri Bhawan In Lucknow on Tuesday. Express photo by Vishal Srivastav 21.10.2014


But Akhilesh has still not learnt the calculations required to be a tactically astute politician. In a recent interview to a leading news channel, Akhilesh confidently said that  samajwadi party will win 300 seats, but he forgot to remember that U.P has only 298 seats.

After being reminded by the interviewer about the no of seats, Akhilesh quickly corrected himself and said that he was just rounding off the number, as he likes the score of 300 in a cricket match.

One thing is for sure, the Yadav scion may be commiting many mistakes, but he always has a reply ready for the after questions. Well that’s the sign of being a true Samajwadi.


Kanpur youth stands in wrong queue for 2 hours; the queue was for people buying Gutkha

With so many people exchanging notes and crowding outside ATMs, its difficult to judge which queue is for what purpose. Already there were umpteen queues in our country and the recent decision of the government has increased the number of queues many fold.

Gutkha queues are as long as the ATM queues
Gutkha queues are as long as the ATM queues


A strange incident happened in Kanpur. A guy named Sanil who was in his early 30s was standing in a queue for 2 hours to exchange his old notes, only to found out later that that queue was for people buying Gutkha at a pan wala counter.

Sanil wasted his precious 2 hours and felt really helpless, but then he bought Gutkha and relaxed his mind. many similar incidents are happening across U.P and Bihar where you have regular queues at the pan counters, and people are standing in those queues thinking that the counters are for dispensing money which they require urgently.

Government should have clear cut sign boards made out to help public in this distress.Otherwise people will keep on wasting time in the wrong queue.