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Varun Dhawan says voting is very important for a democracy and he votes every year for Big Boss candidates

Bollywood actor Varun Dhawanwas trolled by Twitterati on Tuesday. It all began when Varun couldn’t vote for the BMC elections 2017 as his name was missing from the voter list and came out to issue his statement to the media.

Varun Dhawan votes every year
Varun Dhawan votes every year

He said, “It’s upsetting that I couldn’t find my name on the voter list. My name has not shown up in the list unfortunately, it’s bizarre because I voted last year. Will find out from EC where is my name.”

But the controversy has taken a bizarre turn as Varun has apologized for his comments and has said that last year he voted for the Big Boss candidates by sending a SMS. Due to the election season he was confused as to which voting was media referring to and that’s why he said he voted every year.

But he has appealed to the nation through news sources that Voting is indeed important for a Democracy like India. People should vote every year, just the way he does for the Big Boss candidates.