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Kohli: We dint play Ashwin as he is the only engineer in our squad and could calculate Duckworth-Lewis in the dressing room

Ravichandran Ashwin has been responsible for spearheading India’s bowling for nearly a year now, especially during the home Test season. The ace off-spinner had been a revelation for the Indians in the previous edition of the Champions Trophy, and he will certainly look to continue his talismanic touch in the tournament this year as well. But he was not picked for the first match against Pakistan and it has led to lot of speculations.



Finally Virat Kohli clarified the matter in his post match interview. According to Virat, “Ash is the only engineer in our squad, and we wanted to use his strength , i.e engineering for the benefit of the team. Against Pakistan we were not only battling a team of 11 members but also the system of duckworth-lewis. The only person eligible to crack it is Ashwin and so we kept him inside the dressing room. He used to calculate the runs required by Pakistan after every over, and that made our task simpler.”

Anushka does not attend the net practice session for Champions Trophy, media speculates break-up with Kohli

Actress Anushka Sharma and her cricketer boyfriend Virat Kohli, yet again stole the show at the premiere of Sachin Tendulkar’s biopic, Sachin: A Billion Dreams, in Mumbai on Wednesday evening. This is Anushka and Virat’s second appearance together within 24 hours – the much-talked about celebrity couple were the special guests at cricketer Zaheer Khan and actress Sagarika Ghatge’s engagement party on Tuesday. But Anushka skipped the all-important net session of the Indian team which is prepping for the champions trophy. Media speculates that a break-up is surely on the cards.


According to the media persons, attending engagements and weddings are fine, but you should definitely attend the net practice sessions if you are serious about your boyfriend.  Anushka has not yet commented on the issue but Virat has assured the reporters that it was a one-off and Anushka always attends all the practice sessions, training sessions and the fitness sessions.

The next practice session is planned for Monday, and journalists are eagerly waiting to see what transpires between now and then.

Virat Kohli: Instead of spending money on players, we will spend it on creating artificial rain in Bengaluru during next IPL

With two wins from ten games in the 2017 Indian Premier League (IPL), Royal Challengers Bangalore are at the bottom of the league table. All the money spent on recruiting players has gone down the drain and skipper Virat Kohli thinks it would be better if the rain water goes down the drain and earns them a point during every home match. He has promised the supporters that his team will invest heavily in creating artificial rain in Bengaluru for his team to collect maximum points during home matches.


Critics believe that RCB’s best performance was during the rain washed game against the Sunrisers as that was the only match where their batsmen were not exposed by opposition bowlers. It has been a trend that 14 points are necessary for a team to qualify for playoffs and Kohli believes he has cracked the formula to get 7 out of those 14 points easily.

Kohli was answering the question related to team composition and he had this to say,” look, we cannot repair the damage done during this season, but we have surely made some plans for the next season. Bengaluru rain has given us one important point this season and we want to make it our important investment parameter for next season. The amount of money we spend on players is too much and it doesn’t guarantee success, but investing the same money on creating artificial rain will give us sure 7 points which will make our task easy to qualify for the playoffs.”

The other teams who are also exploring such options are the Gujarat Lions, Delhi Daredevils and also the Kings 11 Punjab teams. The team owners believe that not only will their purpose of getting points solved but they will also do a service to the nation reeling under the pressure of water scarcity. The government has announced that it will help the teams by making the best of technology available for the noble cause.

ICC : two bowlers can bowl at the same time to Kohli

Virat Kohli is the ultimate batsman in the world when it comes to chasing a big target. His consistency and the method to his batsmanship are unprecedented. In the first ODI against England in Pune on Sunday, his first match as full-time captain across all formats, Kohli put on an exhibition as he slammed yet another century in a huge chase

virat kohli

But the bowling fraternity is rather angry. They need some cover to duck into and not be embarrassed bowling to the greatest batsman of our generation. ICC has indeed listened to the agony and has come up with a new law in cricket. According to this law two bowlers of any opposition team can bowl at the same time to Kohli and Kohli can be given out to any of the two balls.

Now it is up to Kohli to show us how he will face this new law and how he will come out of it and blast all the bowlers. The law, though very harsh was indeed required to put a lid on the masterclass Kohli shows every now and then.



Kohli gives credit to Dhawan for India’s score of 63 for no loss

Indian Bowlers faced a stern test from the English batsman, something they have not faced in the last 2-3 years of spin dominated test matches. Losing the toss came down heavily on the team’s moral as India gave over 500 runs after quite a long time.

Kohli giving credit to Shikhar Dhawan
Kohli giving credit to Shikhar Dhawan


But Indian batsman were up to the task and Murli Vijay and Gambhir made sure the test match is not over yet. Skipper Virat Kohli gave full credit for India’s batting to Shikhar Dhawan for not playing the test due to injury, or else India would be 63 for 1 wicket. Shikhar has been completely out of form in recent test matches and He has given his wicket too easily for the liking of Indian team management.

Shikhar’s absence has been a blessing in disguise for the Indian batsman as they have now not lost the first wicket too early to not recover back. 3rd day will be very crucial and with Shikhar Dhawan not in the team, Indian team has the upper hand. We should all thank Dhawan for this kind gesture as not many batsman have the guts to accept their failure and sit out of the team.



After watching Dhoni Biopic, girl refuses to recognize Kohli in flight; hopes to be his girlfriend in future

Movies have a great impact on the lives of Indians. We live movies and try to incorporate many things in real life. Larger the movie bigger the impact. Dhoni biopic is not left far behind in creating such situations.


A still from the Dhoni Biopic
A still from the Dhoni Biopic


A Mumbai girl named Pooja recently got so involved in the MSD biopic that she tried out the movie situation in her real life. Sorry for the spoiler, but I hope many people have watched the movie by now.

There is a sequence in the movie where Dhoni’s to be girlfriend fails to recognize him in a flight where the Indian team was travelling. Dhoni is bowled over by this simplicity and they are seen dating afterwards.

Pooja figured out the flight details of the Indian team when they were to fly to Indore for a test match. She somehow managed to sit next to Virat Kohli and asked him to get an autograph of Ajinkya Rahane. Everyone in the flight was shocked, as Kohli is a much bigger player than Rahane. Throughout the flight, she acted as if she had no clue who was sitting next to her.

Some of the Indian players even described Kohli for her, but she dint pay much attention. Now that 7 days are past that incident, she’s hoping she will get a call from the Indian test captain and they can start dating just like how Dhoni and his girlfriend did.



Kohli: Gambhir can be a good finisher for us; he can finish Dhawan’s career

On the eve of the 3rd test match to be played in Indore, test captain Virat Kohli has shown faith in Gautam Gambhir. Gambhir has been scoring heavily in the domestic circuit and deserved a final chance, which he will want to grab with both hands.


Virat Kohli and Gambhir enjoying each others company
Virat Kohli and Gambhir enjoying each others company


Kohli had never doubted the abilities of Gambhir as a cricketer and has given him an added responsibility on his came back. He wants Gautam to be the finisher in test cricket.

He wants Gautam to finish the career of Shikhar Dhawan. He wants Gautam to score so many runs that it becomes impossible for Shikhar to make a comeback.

Gambhir has never finished anyone’s career till now, though he tries to finish his own by showing constant frustrations on the ground. This is a great chance for him to seal his place as a finisher. He was seen practicing hard on the eve of the match, in fact he dint allow anyone else to bat in the nets. He had to be taken out of the nets by Anil Kumble and Sanjay Bangar to allow others to practice.