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Sehwag: I chose hindi commentary to avoid sitting with Sanjay Manjrekar and listening to him

Ever rejoiced at getting 90 percent marks in a school examination, only to be told off by a grim-looking elder over the lost 10 percent? There would always be a few individuals who would criticise and censure you over the smallest of mistakes, claiming to provide a critique, but only ending up nitpicking. Sanjay Manjrekar is clearly one such “critic”, his caustic comments doing more harm than good

Sehwag's dreams are shattered
Sehwag’s dreams are shattered

Manjrekar has been hated to the core by the Indian audience, so much so that Virender Sehwag had to choose hindi commentary just to avoid sitting next to sanjay and listening to him all day long. Sehwag had this dream of becoming an accomplished english commentator, but he had to let go the dream just because Sanjay was always in the english commentary room.

The only thing worse than sanjay’s commentary was his batting where he used to make fielders, non- striker and audiences to sleep in a matter of minutes. But now that Sanjay is facing the brunt on social media every now and then one can expect his days in hindi commentary are numbered.