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England Team: we had prepared for Kedar Jadhav, Dhoni Yuvi were out of syllabus; this is cheating

There was consolation everywhere you looked for England. It was in the breathless relief of the Indian team as victory was secured. It was in the records and milestones that fell along the way: England’s highest ever score batting second in a one-day international, the fourth-highest match aggregate in history.


Or in Eoin Morgan’s first century for 18 months, an innings of guts and brawn that took his side to the brink of an unthinkable victory

But the England team has complained to ICC that Indian team has cheated them. Kedhar Jadhav played a brilliant innings in the first ODI and it was Indian team’s strategy to make England forget about the prowess possessed by Dhoni and Yuvi, so that the batting duo can make mockery of the English bowling.

England team is feeling like a student who studied for the chapter named Kedhar Jadhav and thought Dhoni and Yuvi were out of syllabus. But the examiner din’t ask them about Kedhar Jadhav and in turn asked them about something which was out of syllabus. The ICC has promised to look into the matter and the second ODI will be played again if the Indian team is found guilty.