After watching too many “All men are rapists” tweets, man started believing he is a Rapist, Surrendered himself to Police.

admin 27 January ,2017

Actor, director and social activist Nandita Das is the latest to have been targeted by trolls over an alleged controversial quote attributed to her on social media


The supposed statement in question being, ‘Every man is a potential rapist.’ The quote went viral leading to the online community, especially the men, not only condemning it but also cracking jokes on it. “Every Nandita Das is a potential Alia Bhatt,” said one of the many who objected it

After realizing that the topic has created quite a furore online, the actress clarified, “I’m being falsely quoted. Never said all men are rapists. What kind of a stupid generalisation is that? Sad that I have to even explain this.”

But what happened in a village in U.P was shocking, a man got so sure about him being a rapist after reading the tweets, that he surrendered himself to the nearest police station. The officers are not sure what do do in such cases as it is a first one of the type.



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admin 27 January ,2017