50 percent youth returns back from coldplay concert as there was no wi-fi to update status

admin 19 November ,2016

The Coldplay concert held today in Mumbai was a rage. There was the craze long time back and the high demands of tickets had taken center stage among major news items in India.


Most people bought tickets just under peer pressure to show off among friends and they were not interested in the music at all. Many more bought it to just go there and update their status.

It was shocking to find out for our reporter that 50 percent crowd returned back home from the concert as there was no Wi-Fi connection to update their statuses.

I mean its shocking on two fronts; first the Maharashtra government’s claim that there are hot spots at most locations in Mumbai and also people who are actually not fans of Coldplay and yet went there to watch it.

So at least the hypocrisy of people has come out in the public now, buying 25k valued tickets just to update status. Sounds insane. Doesn’t it?




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admin 19 November ,2016